Album Review: ‘Girl Disrupted’ by Sevyn Streeter

While I speak for many by saying I enjoyed all of her singles and EPs, it’s great to finally have an album from Sevyn Streeter. I’m sure no one is more happy about that than the versatile artist herself. Sevyn gives her all on GIRL DISRUPTED, as she always does, sounding edgier and more transparent than ever. With R&B at the record’s core, listeners are granted raw, passionate lyrics accompanied by groovy and tastefully produced beats. 

The album opener, Livin’, kicks things off with an amazing monologue where Sevyn is telling us about her thought-process regarding the conception of the album and how it became so much more than just music as things happened along the way. And while she’s talking, pretty much bearing her soul over a beautiful guitar melody, her ethereal adlibs are soaring in the background. Her voice hits you in the right places and stirs your emotions effortlessly. It’s truly hard for me to listen without getting teary-eyed because it’s clear that she’s been through a lot, but once you hear the full message in Livin’, you’ll realize that Sevyn has risen above the darker times and is now moving forward, living without a care, and staying strong.

When I first started this journey of writing this album, all I thought of was just making, you know, good songs. “I want the drums to be like this, and the keys to be like this, and the guitar to be like this,” and then I came across this title, “Girl Disrupted,” and I loved it so much, but little did I know that that shit was actually gonna happen to me in life for real. And so here I am, you know, towards the end of finishing my album, creating my album, and then that’s where I went through probably the most craziest shit I ever went through in my entire life. (Suffer with depression, I suffer with depression) So this album for me is more than just music, it’s more than just music. Love, loyalty, and liberation. Girl Disrupted.

Present Situation keeps things moving with a hard beat laced with sultry vocals. This one could be a solid single that will get party-goers hooked and dancing while still relating to the lyrics that depict relationship issues we all experience at times. We get hurt and try to move on, but still find ourselves wanting the person that hurt us because even though the relationship may not be the best to stay in, we still like the way we feel when we’re with them. It’s just a tricky situation, and Sevyn is trying to figure out how to address it.    

Sevyn had mentioned in the intro that one of the topics of the album was loyalty, and My Love For You emphasizes that to the fullest. She promises to remain true and will “save all her love” for him, and I believe her because with every line and every harmony, honesty exudes immensely without sounding too over-the-top. Interesting that this song comes after Present Situation when the singer seemed to be in a predicament when it came to her love life, so my interpretation is that My Love For You unveils her final decision and that things have worked themselves out for her and the guy. By the way, that video is sexy. The choreo is smooth and on point, so tastefully done.

What I’ve always loved about Sevyn’s music is that 90’s r&b vibe that sounds new and refreshing when blended with modern elements, and that radiates in Anything U Want, along with the artist’s willingness to go hard for her love. And although I don’t really listen to Ty Dolla $ign or Wiz Khalifa, I actually like their style on this track, along with Jeremih. To me, Jeremih makes things sweet, sexy and raw, which is what Sevyn does for me so they’re the coolest match on any song. Anything U Want is an uptempo summer-love song you should blast in your car with the windows down. I just feel super happy and free when I listen to the track.  

The tempo slows down again on Ol Skool, and once more we’re granted a sensual match-up between Sevyn and Jeremih, with some necessary assistance from DeJ Loaf, who kills it on the track too. But what I enjoy most about the song is the addictive chorus and the play on r&b classics that were just as provocative. Sevyn sounds confident from start to finish, making it clear that women can be brazen with their desire. Jeremih compliments the song nicely and I like that the overall arrangement is mainly chill and no one is trying to out sing the other. The mood is intimate through and through, and stays so in the next track, with a bit more energy.

 Soon As I Get Home is an upbeat dance number that borrows the chorus from Faith Evans’ hit of the same title but makes it a tad sexier with the verses. This is like a dirty yet playful club banger that you can’t help grooving to. The music gets a hold of your body and sends a seductive current throughout your veins. Love that Sevyn keeps it fun while remaining naughty for the most part. 

Sevyn takes it down a notch to give us a more vulnerable side. On Before I Do, she sings about being ready to open her heart to love and needing to know if the guy is willing to do the same. She’s heard things and it seems he needs to uncomplicate things for her to be able to jump with him. As I listen and bask in the perfection of her voice, I can’t help but close my eyes and allow the words and melodies to sink in. This track is giving me so much soulfulness. It’s like I’m sitting in a dimly-lit lounge and Sevyn is on stage pouring her heart out. Before I Do to be one of my favorites so far.

The down-tempo tone continues with Been A Minute, which is an unabashed high level of honesty that I absolutely don’t mind. By the way, it’s nice to hear August Alsina on a track with Sevyn. I drool over his voice whenever I hear him sing. Like Jeremih, Alsina working with Streeter sounds so natural and perfect. Been A Minute is clearly about hooking up with an ex even though you may never get back together. Without a doubt, this track is relatable since many people swear they’re over their ex and hate them for all the crap they pulled in the relationship. But then something happens when you cross paths after not seeing each other for a while, whether it’s staring a for too long or perhaps you end up reminiscing, either way chances are you find yourselves in bed together. What happens next is a lot of deliberating: should we try again or should we just hook up and go our separate ways? I love how this song brings to light something so real for many. Well, not for me lol. But I totally understand the dilemma Sevyn and August are in.

It’s frustrating when you’re with someone that just won’t say what’s really on their mind and you have to walk on eggshells or keep fighting to break through their walls, and it feels like they’re never listening to what you’re saying only remaining closed off from you. Translation depicts that well. You’re constantly arguing, but you don’t want to give up because you love that person and all you want is work it all out. I love the simple yet substantial lyrics in songs like this on the album. I can take bits and pieces and relate it to my own life. And it’s not all about fighting in relationships either, there’s the kiss and make up part too. Peace Sign is all about putting the arguments to rest and bring on the passion. This song is truly explanatory and I think the transition makes so much sense because of what each track is saying. I’m not familiar with Dave East but I’m feeling his sexy rapping.  

The tempo and the provocativeness picks up a tad with Fallen, in all it’s smooth and raunchy glory. Listen, if you’re sensitive to sexual songs that aren’t masked or sugarcoated down to a less than intense version, then you’ll probably go “oh my” when you hear this track, much less want to watch it’s accompanying music video. With that said, Fallen is hypnotic and hard to pry away from. It’s another song with a borrowed chorus from an r&b classic, but that doesn’t bother me. In fact, this track has managed to climb its way onto my favorites list. It’s just addictive; from the sexy verses by each artist, to the skin-tingling harmonies throughout. What more can I say? Dope song. And I love the way the speed slows down toward the end.

As we near the conclusion of the album, I was curious as to how Sevyn will wrap things up after a song like Fallen. Will the two last songs be about love or heartache? Welp, How Many is about both and more. The singer is fed up. She’s given so much to the relationship only to be hurt and betrayed by the guy. He’s done her wrong big time, and right now she’s at her wit’s end as to how to deal because she’s in love. It’s never easy to leave, no matter how bad it is to stay. You just want answers. You want to know why he did what he did and how many.

That sadness pours into the final track and I’m blown away by the intensity and how much it moves me. The soulful closer, Everything In Me, my gosh… it touches my heart on a deeper level and has declared itself my absolute favorite of all 13 tracks. From the mesmerizing opening guitar, I knew right away I was in for something incredible, and Sevyn delivers that undoubtedly. I could feel her agony and envision every line in the song. Like a lot of us do, Sevyn fell for the lies and was blinded by his charm. Now that the truth has come to light, she has made the decision to leave. But it’s hard to ignore the feeling of wanting to hurt the guy as much as he’s hurt her and she struggles with that. However, after that bridge, I’d say she’s holding on to what little strength she has and is truly walking away from him and his lack of loyalty, and has chosen to not succumb to the idea that she should take revenge. I’m happy that she’s moving forward. She’ll find better. And that’s very empowering and inspiring to many who are in the same situation.

GIRL DISRUPTED is a wonderfully crafted album; from the real and sexy song lyrics, to the well produced beats and features, it’s definitely worth the wait. Sevyn Streeter is super talented, which is an understatement, and I wish she was way more recognized and given all the appreciation she deserves for her amazing music. She’s in a league of her own, a rare treasure in an industry full of mediocrity. 

Review: 5/5


Release date: July 7th 2017

Label: Atlantic Records

Purchase: iTunes | Amazon

Track Listing:

1. Livin'

2. Present Situation ft. The-Dream

3. My Love For You

4. Anything U Want ft. Wiz Khalifa, Jeremih & Ty Dollar $ign

5. Ol Skool ft. Jeremih & DeJ Loaf

6. Soon As I Get Home

7. Before I Go

8. Been A Minute ft. August Alsina

9. Translation

10. Peace Sign ft. Dave East

11. Fallen ft. Ty Dollar $ign & Cam Wallace

12. How Many

13. Everything In Me


*This review is based on the opinion of the writer and does not reflect the views of EY as a whole.

Have you downloaded the album? What do you think about GIRL DISRUPTED?


Credit: + Sevyn Streeter YouTube


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