’10 Quickies’ with Royce Lovett

Have you listened to Love & Other Dreams by Royce Lovett? Well, if not, you’re certainly missing out on a mind-blowing experience that his wonderful music has to offer. Hope you will give Royce a chance and check out his songs on iTunes, Amazon, or Google right after reading his short and cool answers to our traditional ’10 quickies’. Royce was nice enough to not only take the time to answer these, but he’s also granted us an exclusive interview. Check it out here.


Love. Purpose. Security.


A people person that likes to be alone lol


Love. A want to understand others. Less sugar and going ORGANIC!


lol… I love to travel, so ANYWHERE… FIJI?


Hannah, Levi, and Davi


When folks see me I want them to think “ He looks relaxed but… is that someone I should know?” lol




Stories of the win or loss.


Thai Food


COOK!! and Plate the food!! … hmm I love to draw too.


Find out more by visiting the following links:
Credit: RoyceLovettVEVO + Strong Arm Media

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