[Exclusive] Royce Lovett on His “Cerebral Soul” Music

Some voices have the capability of reaching your core, and Royce Lovett, without a doubt has that gift. The Florida native has recently dropped his Love & Other Dreams album, which I’ve found to be uplifting and rather refreshing, as appose to what we’re hearing on radio these days. And I’m excited to have been given the opportunity to interview the talented artist. Check out his performance of the empowering track “Up For Love” on YouTube Nashville Sessions, and continue for the exclusive interview. You can purchase Love & Other Dreams here.


EY: Hey, Royce. Thanks for taking the time. Where are you from and at what point in your life did you realize you wanted to pursue music?
RL: Hi, I’m from Tallahassee, FL and I’ve lived most of my life here. I realized in like 2003 that music was for me. It was right after I became a believer.  I thought to myself…since there is a God…there must be a purpose to life? So I prayed about my purpose and believe that I heard  “do what you know.” At that time, music was all I knew- so music it was.


EY: Describe your musical style. What sets it apart from the rest?
RL: I’m a child of HIP HOP, and I believe Hip Hop is one of the only styles/genres that continues to grow and learn from other styles/genres. My style has been coined “Cerebral Soul” but the best I can describe it as is “genre bending” and I guess it’s not really “set apart” but folks call it fresh air because it feels good.


EY: I’m really feeling your song “Up For Love.” It’s very empowering, especially for anyone having a bad day or just needs some motivation. What inspired the lyrics? 
RL: Thanks. I wanted to make people feel heroic. I tell a story of my grandmother and how she could have only woken up every morning to work and raise 12 children in a time of hatred and oppression for one reason, LOVE. In this story, I realized she is a HERO and she was much closer to me than MLK, so that means, I can do it. That means I can be a HERO. I can LIVE, LOVE and FLY HIGH! You know? This is one of the many stories that inspired the lyrics. I had to make a decision that no matter what, I was going to live a life of love.


EY: At the end of the song you said, “I think we need to appreciate poets for who they are. Don’t think when we say fly we talking fashion or foreign cars. See when we this high, there’s no distraction up here. And from this vantage point, you can see it clear.” Can you go a bit deeper and explain your intention for including this in the song? 
RL: When you fly, you see things from a different perspective. The more we stand up for love and personally reach for it in all parts of life, we start seeing things from a higher perspective.


EY: All seven songs are truly amazing and extremely thought provoking. One in particular that I want to bring up is Mr. Radio, which is also a favorite of mine. From the words, it sounds like a plea to mainstream to play music that is more evocative. But what is your interpretation of the song?
RL: Yes, I recall writing this song when I was upset at the fact that I could not get an interview on Radio. I couldn’t be put in the rotation, because of the message or because of the word “Gospel” in my label’s name lol… I love this song too, because it also says, “people!! let’s put our money where our mouth is and walk to the beat of a new drummer ” lol.


EY: Tell us about the new album, “Love & Other Dreams,” in regards to what it means in your heart and what you are hoping listeners will take from the music. 
RL: In my heart this album means hope, it means we can be more, and it asks the question “Have you ever thought about MORE??” I hope people take that from the music and I hope folks say, “I want to know what love is, and then I want to live that love out, because I’m a hero and can beat the odds.”


EY: What was it like teaming up with songwriter/producer Max Stark, who has worked with Kirk Franklin and Tamela Mann
RL: GREAT, Love MAX. All we wanted to do was make GREAT songs, and a dynamic album and give it to the people. I know that sounds simple but that is 100! I’m so proud of each song.


EY: How have you evolved as an artist since “Write It On The Wall” to now?
RL: I have evolved in so many ways but if I pick one topic I’d say… the SOUL and live energy is in the wax!  That is one of the things I love about this album.


EY: What’s next for you?
RL: Next? MORE. More growth, more work, more loving and move teaching.


EY: Thanks again, Royce. Please leave a message to your listeners and any tips for aspiring musicians.
RL: Everyone in the world wants 3 things. Love. Purpose. Security. The only way to get ALL 3 is if you get them in that order. We have to know love, love ourselves, and love others..in that we find Purpose and in that we find Security.


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Credit: RoyceLovettVEVO + Strong Arm Media

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