FitStar: A Great Way to Get Active

Being that I’m somewhat of an addict when it comes to Fitbit, I’ve often come across notifications about FitStar but never really checked it out. Well, I’ve finally decided to give the app a try and low and behold, it turned out to be a great decision because I think I may have found my next addiction.


The FitStar app gives you the option of selecting an expert trainer, Lea or Adrian, and it offers a ton of workouts to choose from so you’ll never feel like it’s too repetitive. You can take it easy and do shorter workouts, or pump it up a notch and put your strength and agility to the test. Oh, and aside from the freestyle sessions, which are in fact free, you can upgrade and try their various programs too. I’m sticking with the free workouts for now and maybe upgrade later on.

Another cool perk of this fitness app that I like is the radio. You can listen to music in your favorite genre while sweating it up, and I don’t know about you, but music motivates me to move and push harder when I’m working out. You can also sync your Fitbit account to keep track of your progress, and it will provide recommendations based on your fitness level.


So far, I’m really loving FitStar and have been using it as my daily workout for the past few days. I like that the exercises are a bit new to my body and make me work muscles I don’t target enough. I can definitely feel the impact and look forward to the coming results. I was getting too used to the moves in my previous workouts, so, for the time being, I’ll stick with FitStar and see how far I’ll get with this app. It’s a yes from me. I highly recommend!


Credit: Fitbit + FitStar

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