’10’ Things to Know About Debut Author Yasmeen Patterson

It’s such a pleasure having Yasmeen Patterson on our site. I enjoyed our interview (check it out for a chance to win a copy of her book) and her responses to our ’10 quickies’ are just delightful. Yasmeen’s debut, I’m Busy But I’m Still Cooking for Bae, is both sexy and tastefully written. Download the ebook on Kindle and experience the sheer deliciousness that I’ve had the chance to devour.  


Love, Live and Laugh

I am a very energetic, positive person with a free spirit.

I try not to stress over things that I can’t control.

Egypt. I want to go see the pyramids and look at the hieroglyphics.

I can’t do without my nails being done, spending time with my family, and shoes. I LOVE shoes!

I’m very versatile. It depends on the where I’m going. I love dresses. If I’m going out on the town most likely I am wearing a dress.

I unwind with a glass of wine. Friday night is usually set aside for date night with Bae.

Seeing positive women becoming business women is what empowers me. I love seeing women come together, uplifting and building each other up.

10 Piece Lemon Pepper extra wet with a side of Blue Cheese. LOL If you are from Atlanta you will understand me.

I tend to make people laugh. So I guess I’m a natural born comedian that does not get paid for her talent. 



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Credit: 2R’s Entertainment & Media PR

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