[Exclusive] Author Yasmeen Patterson is “Busy, But Still Cooking for Bae”

Yasmeen Patterson is a new author making her mark in the book world with the exciting debut ‘I’m Busy, But I’m Still Cooking for Bae’, and trust me when I say you’re in for quite a delicious and satisfying treat. Once you’ve read Yasmeen’s sexy release, you’ll agree that she’s bound to become a “household name when discussing cookbooks and erotic books.” The author spared some time for an interview with EY. So continue for the exclusive and be sure to download the ebook on Amazon


EY: Thank you for taking the time, Yasmeen. Tell us a little about yourself. Where is home for you? When did you realize you were a writer?

YP: Thank you for taking the time to interview me. Home for me is College Park, Georgia. I always had a passion for reading. I would always pick up a book and start reading around my house and other people houses. I realize I wanted to be writer in college. That’s when I wanted to write my first book.


EY: Who are your biggest influences in literature?

YP: I enjoy reading Omar Tyree, Sista Souljah, and Zane. 


EY: I read that you have a master’s degree in Psychology. Have you utilized that in your writing in any way?

YP: Yes, I have a Masters degree in Psychology. I most definitely apply what I’ve learned when I write. Psychology is the studying of the mind and how it works. With relationships you have to understand and respect each other thoughts and feelings. In my writings, I try to develop stories from all points of views so each person can take away gems that will assist them in their relationship. 


EY: Congrats on your debut novel. I’m Busy But I’m Still Cooking for Bae is certainly mouthwatering. The blurb states that this is not your ordinary cookbook, although there are recipes included at the end of each chapter, but it is also not your ordinary novel. So what inspired this book and why did you intertwine food with romance?

YP: Well the old cliché states the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. I see a lot of women on the move these days. Women are CEOs, entrepreneurs, teachers, doctors, moms, girlfriends, and wives. Sometimes girlfriends and wives get thrown to the wayside because we are so busy trying to keep up with being a modern day woman. I jokingly had a conversation with a few of my girlfriends about how we need to start cooking for Bae. My friends would always come up with excuses why they were too busy to cook for Bae. So I came up with the idea to write short juicy stories to spice up relationships and added simple meals made in less than an hour.


EY: Out of all the recipes mentioned, which is your favorite?

YP: I’m a Southern girl so my favorite recipe would be smothered pork chops.


EY: Will there be a sequel?

YP: Yes! A sequel to this book is a must.


EY: What are you hoping readers will take from I’m Busy But I’m Still Cooking for Bae?

YP: I’m hoping the readers will take away a number of things. First, I want the reader to understand that all relationships are like roller coasters. One year you may be happily every after and the next year you may want to go at each other’s neck. That’s a part of relationships. Relationships may also become boring when both parties become comfortable. That’s what this book is for! This book will help re-spark or rekindle the romance that may have disappeared. I also want the reader to use this as a cookbook. I want the reader to pick this book up and say,  “Hey, I need to try and make this bake spaghetti.”


EY: Are you going to keep writing novels in this format or do you have plans on branching out into other genres?

YP: You will never know what will come up in this wild imagination of mines, but for now I plan on sticking to this format.


EY: What are your views in regards to diversity in literature?

YP: I’m very diverse when it comes to literature.  Erotic and fiction are my two favorites. I think sometimes readers get caught up in the what would people think if they caught me reading this feeling. Having that feeling will keep a reader stuck in one genres. I’m not one to do that. I read for entertainment and I also read for knowledge. You can catch me reading Fifty Shades of Grey one day and Who Moved my Cheese the next.


EY: How do you hope to evolve, not only as an author but also in other ventures?

YP: I hope to be a human sponge. I am never too old to learn. I want to master my craft in everything I do. I want to become a household name when discussing cookbooks and erotic books. I want to create a successful brand that will assist people with relationships. 


EY: Thanks again, Yasmeen. Please leave any tips you may have for aspiring writers.

YP: Please do not give up. While writing this book I had obstacles that I felt kept knocking me down. When you feel like life is beating you up get back up and fight back. In order to be great you have to be tested to prove your greatness.


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Credit: 2R’s Entertainment & Media PR

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