Pop Sensation NOVI Releases “Long Day” ft. Pretty Little Liars Star

An Oregon native, NOVI – whose real name is Carolyne Neuman – is nothing if not a creative risk taker. Her commitment to exploring musical genres has proven artistically liberating, for both NOVI and her dedicated fans. NOVI’s songs are vibrant and expressive, and are filled with everything from quirky bass licks, to rap-infused dance rhythms to soulful, penetrating melodies. Her song, “All the Way,” could be heard on the hit television series ‘One Tree Hill’ and her song, “Make a Scene,” was featured on MTV’s ‘Faking It.

Her latest single, “Long Day“, sets the tone for her richly textured and much anticipated forthcoming album. Produced by Lee Miles (The Red Jumpsuit, Puddle of Mudd) and Stelouse (Republic Records), “Long Day” is a soulful duet with long time friend and Pretty Little Liars star Tyler Blackburn. And I must say, I had no idea he had such sexy vocals. Check out the track below:


“I was feeling a bit un-inspired,” shares NOVI, “so I decided to caravan up to Oregon, with my boyfriend, Max Liberty and Producer Lee Miles to write some new material, and shed my skin a bit. We set up shop, in a screened in porch, looking over a giant lake. It set the tone to be shamelessly creative and free. Lee had the bright idea to use these natural elements (record them ourselves and set the tone for the music) so we did just that, getting sound-bites from things like a waterfall, or banging metal tools, stomping up stairs and more. We really wanted these natural elements to portray the feeling of the location. And we had a blast along the way.” 

NOVI is licensed on several up-and-coming television series, and has no plans to stop making beautifully eclectic music anytime soon. Stay updated by following the artist at the following links:

Credit: BlackPandaPR

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