A Beginners Guide to Shopping Independent

Why you should shop independent

Have you ever gone to a party and realized that you’re wearing the same top as three other people? Or walk down the high street and get that overwhelming sense of similarity, everybody clad in the same outfit? This almost uniform is a homage to our beloved high-street stores, there for us when we need a new pair of jeans or an outfit in a hurry. But if everybody does this then there’s no wonder that a lot of people are beginning to merge into the same style. Independent shops are the little beacons of light that can offer something a little bit extra to your wardrobe. If you’re tired of accidentally outfit matching with your friends and want to regain a little bit of individuality, then it’s definitely time to cast your net a little bit wider and explore the independent brands.

High street stores are good and faithful, and as they are trying to appeal to a lot of people all at once, some of their styles become subdued and very similar across the board, but if you’re looking to express yourself in your style, then independent brands have the resources and purpose to fill your every need and to be as niche as you want them to be. Shopping independent also helps to put money back into the local economy, which is the cherry on top of the cake! Here are five of the most interesting and fabulous independent brands to set you on your way on a new kind of shopping…


Senso is the embodiment of uniqueness – their shoe designs have been described as being sublime and completely brilliant. This company is a family business through and through, so the love and passion really shines through in the shoes they create. Beginning as a small shop, which designed and created their shoes in-house, this family business began to really take off when their youngest daughter grew up and began to design the shoes. Her love for fashion design has grown the Senso brand into one of the most quirky and fabulous independent shoe brands around.

Rea Feather

Rae Feather the brand is all about incorporating natural and ethical fashion with classic, elegant style. The woman who dreamed up this concept actually gave her name to the brand, as a symbol of honour and how proud she was to have created such designs. Rae saw a gap in the market for a clothing brand that was designed to the highest standards, out of natural fabrics and materials. The beauty of this clothing lies within its simplicity and elegance, meaning that the clothes you buy from this brand, will remain relevant and beautiful throughout any fashion climate!

The Couture Club

The Couture Club is almost the epitome of modern everyday wear. Originating from Manchester, this company started out with the idea of encompassing comfort and style, that can be worn at any occasion. From this idea, the creator Ross Worswick has build an empire across the UK and Europe, which has become one of the most successful independent brands. This self-proclaimed sports-luxe brand has penetrated through modern male fashion, and a more relaxed, functional and stylish approach is now being explored across the UK. If you’re looking to explore unique, urban style then definitely check these guys out!

Independent fashion is all about finding your niche and running with it. Fashion shouldn’t be about throwing some clothes on and starting your day, it should instead be about expressing your innermost desires and allowing your personality to shine through to people who pass you on the street. Why not break out of your confinements of fashion and explore some independent brands today?!


Credit: Senso + Rae Feather + The Couture Club

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