The Rise of Luxury Sportswear in 2017

Luxury sportswear is a trend that is rising through the fashion ranks and infiltrating our everyday wardrobes. More commonly known as “sportsluxe”, this fashion trend is all about merging everyday comfort with style. I mean why compromise your comfort for style when you can have both. In 2017, it’s becoming more acceptable to really push the boundaries of “smart casual” style and explore your inner sports goddess. Now you can pull off the “just stepped off the runway and into the gym” look with ease. Forget about activewear, sportsluxe is becoming a way of life and has already drummed up a cult following of celebrities and influencers.

Where it all Began: The Birth of Sports-Luxe:

The popularity of the sporty look has increased massively over the past decade and this has attracted the attention of high-end fashion designers and celebrities. Since then everybody has wanted to add their personal touch and get a slice of the pie and collaborations have been the gateway to true sportsluxe style. One of the most influential and game changing fashion collaborations has been heralded by Adidas.

Within the uprisal of luxury sportswear, Adidas have been front line and centre, weaving their web of new and innovative designs. The initial collaboration began with fashion legend Stella McCartney to create a critically acclaimed sportswear collection. The Stella McCartney Collection features a whole range of luxury sportswear, from tennis outfits, running, swimming and yoga outfits and from here stemmed the acceptability to wear activewear in everyday life.

After Stella McCartney, came a whole host of luxury sportswear collaborations, one of the most famous to date being Kanye West collaborations. The Yeezy footwear collection has really opened the door to a more luxurious style of trainer, and is now one of the most globally successful global footwear brands to this day.

Luxury Footwear:

Trainers have been having their moment in the fashion limelight, and this doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Every celebrity and every high fashion event has swapped the uncomfortable heel for a trainer at some point in their career and the popularity is growing. With this switch in style, the everyday look has been inundated with a more luxury alternative.

Some of the biggest selling brands are slowly being replaced with the more luxurious alternative, of like likes of Android Homme, Louis Vuitton and Gucci – although these come at a much higher price, they offer that timeless feel that means you can keep wearing them until trainer fad dies out. There is now a way to express high end fashion with less of an uncomfortable experience!

A Look into the Future:

Everywhere you look you will begin to see sportsluxe style creeping in, it’s on our runways, it’s in our nightclubs, it’s on our streets. For the remainder of 2017, and creeping over into 2017, this style is going to dominate. With celebrity collaborations now becoming almost the new “in thing” there is no knowing how far this will progress.

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