Top 5 most beautiful cities in Europe

Manarola, Italy

Manarola is a beautiful, small city found in Northern Italy. The city is loved by tourists because of its ancient touch as it is one of the oldest cities in Italy’s Cinque Terre. The city of Manarola is home for the old famous church of San Lorenzo which was built in 1338. The best time to visit Manarola is during summer. You will get to visit the legendary Trail of Love known as Via dell’Amore. There is also a nice hilly terrain that is best for hiking and the lush vineyards in the town. You can’t afford to miss to taste the legendary white wine of Manarola, called Cinque Terre.


Colmar, France

The city of Colmar is the third largest city found in the North-eastern side of France. It sits on the famous Alsatian Wine Route and is known to be the heart of Alsatian wine. The city boasts of being a tourist magnet because of its amazing architectural style and historical museums like the Unterlinden and the Isenheim Museum. The city is most famous for its architectural landmarks like the Maison Pfister and the St. Martin’s Church that was built during the French Revolution era. For the lovers of history, the city is worth paying a visit.


Marsaxlokk, Malta

Located in the South Eastern side of Malta and is famous for its fishing tradition and laid-back culture. The village of Marsaxlokk is known for its fish market that is ever flocked with both locals and tourists who enjoy boat-rides on the colorful boats and sizzling seafood at their shoreline restaurants. The colorful fishing boats of Malta are pleasing to the sight and they reflect beautifully in the water. The boat designs are fascinating to many as they are said to date back in 800BC.


Bled, Slovenia

The city of Bled in Slovenia is most famous for the magical Lake Bled. The beauty of this lake is just out of this world and the scenery around is breathtaking and romantic. You can pay a visit to Bled Castle and plan a visit to the surrounding island. Bled is a major tourist attraction as it has all kinds of fun things to do for all age-groups. You can take a ride on the tourist train that goes around the lake that is simply the highlight of any trip to Bled. The surrounding terrain is quite hilly, hiking is also on the menu of activities during your stay at Bled.



Omis city in Croatia is found near Cetina River. The city of Omis is therefore surrounded with amazing and beautiful gorges. Omis is a beautiful town that is located 25 km from Split, which is Croatia’s second largest city. In recent years Omis is getting more and more popular, attracting a lot of foreign residents to settle in there. This caused real estate boom in Omis making it easy to find English speaking people all around it. It is never a dull moment in Omis, especially when you visit during the traditional festival of the “Dalmatinska klapa”. There are a lot of interesting concerts and live bands that’ll make your stay in Omis an unforgettable one. Cetina River whose canyons offer quite a breathtaking scenery for its visitors are a must visit site. The city has mountains within close proximity hence you can go and enjoy a hike with family and friends. Omis in Croatia is just the perfect destination for a memorable holiday tour.


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