Why Loafers Will Always Be The Ultimate Luxury Shoe

If you are part of the chic dressier clique in town you might have noticed a trend in the footwear of late. Loafers of all shapes, sizes will look up and greet you. A fashion statement almost as old as fashion itself and yet it doesn’t seem to ever want to go out of style.

You may want to thank Gucci, Fratelli Rosetti SpA, Michele’s and many others for keeping the mighty loafer in vogue with their innovative and unique designs.


The Gucci bit loafer is, however, the talk of the town and the symbol and representative for footwear worldwide. No shoe represents globalization quite like the loafer. Invented by the Scandinavians with a bit of Iroquois inspiration, the loafer was popularized by the Americans, perfected by the Italians and now worn all over the world.

Loafers For All Occasions
Europeans and North Americans may have their political and cultural differences but they can agree on the loafers. The fashionistas from both sides of the pond look favorably at the loafers.

While they may be stylish and versatile, they do tend to be quite difficult to break in if certain sections of the glitterati are to be believed. While some find them soft and comfortable from the moment they’re slipped on, others have had widely differing experiences. There are even whispers about how some have to walk around in their loafers for weeks at home with thick socks on. Blisters, scrapes, and cuts might not be in keeping with the latest trends in fashion.

Loafers were not always considered appropriate dressing for the office and were even frowned upon. However, these days they’re considered uber-cool and chic. Loafers are the ultimate luxury shoe and are a constant presence in boardrooms, the red carpet, and private jets.

Loafers and More

While loafers maybe considered the international standard the Americans have their own loafer substitute in the form of the Weejuns. G.H. Bass and Co have been making the shoe since 1936 and have been named after a Norwegian shoemaker. The shoemaker himself got the idea from the moccasins made popular by the Native Americans. Some more tales to add to the loafers folklore.

Now unlike the Gucci bit loafer, there is a common consensus that the Weejuns are incredibly hard to break in. Common yet surprising methods to wear them in include the aforementioned thick sock routine, a layer of Vaseline to rub along the back of the ankle. Some even swear by sticking the shoes under the mattress to soften them like leather gloves.

No Socks, No Problem!
Loafers are the only shoe you should be comfortable wearing without socks on. If you love it, perhaps you can thank Diego Rosetti, president of Fratelli Rosetti SpA the makers of the plain and simple Venetian style of loafers. He claims it was his father that was the one that truly popularized sock free loafers and it happened just before a runway show.

Add a loafer with a bow, a saddle, or even the much popular tasseled Loafer to your shoe collection if you haven’t done so already. Add any kind of loafer you can get your hands on because its stock will only keep rising. Shirts and socks are optional.

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