5 Women’s Shoes that Will Never Go Out Of Style

Whether you’re a shoe shopaholic or a less is more kind of girl, this list contains the footwear must-haves for everyone. If your collection contains just these five essentials you’ll never be in a pickle over what to put on your feet. 


Sandals are a firm favorite in terms of comfort. It’s important to know what sandal suits what occasion, rocking up to the office in a flip-flop is a no go. A sturdier flat or mid heel sandal is more suited to your 9 – 5 look. Heeled sandals are perfect for dressy summer events, making whatever you wear have a more delicate and feminine feel. This diverse shoe will look great with jeans or a summer dress.

Block Heel Ankle Boots

The perfect ankle boot shout have a heel height that is comfortable for your to be able to sport all day or night. Block heel ankle boots are ideal as the thicker heel gives you a sturdier stance. They are ideal for winter with jeans or a dress and tights. Recently the ankle boot has been worn whatever the weather, with celebs such as Sienna Miller and Blake Lively sporting the shoe with bare legs and a skirt. This will add edge to your summer outfit. This is a shoe that looks great in just about every material. Leather are ideal for rainy days and are easy to wipe clean. Suede and velvet options require a little more care but are so worth it – nothing a little suede protector spray can’t solve. Opting for a bolder color will also make you stand out from the crowd.

Ballerina Flats

The ballet flat comes in such a wide range of colors and patterns, there really is one for
everyone – whatever your style. They are the go-to for a classic yet comfortable look. Simplicity is key with these shoes, leaving your outfit to do the talking. They can be worn with just about anything so feel free to get creative, maybe with some bejewelled shoes, for example. They can be bought on a budget – but don’t expect them to last forever.

Black Pumps

The black stiletto pump is a timeless shoe that can adapt to a range of occasions. Whether
you’ve got an important meeting or you’re attending a party – these are the perfect choice. The simple black color goes with anything and can be dressed down with jeans or glammed up with a dress, either way they remain an elegant addition to any outfit. It is essential to get a pair that fit right and will last accordingly (scuffing and heel snapping nightmares are to be avoided at all costs).

White Trainers

For someone who is on the go and likes to be comfortable, white trainers are a wardrobe
essential. There are no longer strict fashion rules that apply to trainers – anything goes. The classic look of course is sporty or casual but don’t be afraid to pair them with a girly dress or skirt to dress down a look. High street stores have noted this trend by stocking a range of trainers in Topshop, New Look and H&M. These are ideal for those on a tighter budget that want to remain on trend. Big brand trainers that are consistently popular include Adidas Stan Smiths and Nike Roche Runs.

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