What Should You Wear To A Wedding

Weddings are great, free booze, a free party, and you get to celebrate a friend or family member on the happiest day of their life. There are many questions that you bombard yourself with for example, what should you wear, what wedding gift should you buy, who am I going to be sitting with? Well in this article I will focus on style, after all there is going to be a photographer and everyone will see you. No pressure!

For her


You will most likely have a wardrobe full of appropriate dresses that will fit any wedding dress code. But before you stop reading, here are some golden rules that you should adhere to.

  1. Don’t wear white or Ivory. White can be perfect for the summer, especially for a beach or park wedding, but it is reserved for one person only and that is the bride. To dress in white would be committing a serious taboo and will make you automatically unfavourable with many of the other guests.
  2. Avoid the colour black. For dinner parties and receptions, black can be the most elegant colour of all for a dress. But it is still widely associated with funerals, and will look very out of place in a church when celebrating a wedding. Although it can be acceptable for a formal reception, it is best to opt for something less risky.

So if that has taken away your top choices, what is acceptable? Well, the majority of weddings occur in spring and summer, so a floral dress is a popular choice. Avoid anything too tight, and instead focus on something comfortable and floaty.

For daytime events, then a formal skirt and blouse is also an ideal if you don’t feel confident or comfortable in a dress. If it is slightly colder, a summer jacket is an excellent addition.

It is important though to dress for the venue. For example, some venues such as old halls will have a specific dress code that they expect their guests to stick to. If the invitation doesn’t stipulate then either check on the venue’s website or ring ahead to enquire. Extra preparation is essential and you don’t want to turn up looking out of place.


It might seem boring but again you need to dress for the venue. If it is an outdoor wedding, you need to consider rough ground and potential rain. This means stiletto’s and tall heels are out. Instead look for some shoes that either have a low heel or formal ballet pumps.

It is even more difficult if the wedding is on a beach. While you cannot wear flip flops, some formal sandals that you don’t mind wet or sand inside are ideal.

For the formal occasion then wear your most glamorous but make sure to pack some comfortable shoes for the dance floor after the meal. There is no bigger disaster than having an injury at a wedding.


This is an opportunity to wear all the expensive jewellery you have desperately been saving for a special occasion to come out. If you are wearing a brighter colour such as a yellow or red, then wearing silver is the preferred option so as not to clash. For darker shades such as burgundy or blue, then gold can look very elegant and not as overbearing.

Makeup and Hair

The styling of these can be depending on both the theme and location of the wedding. If it is held outdoors then having your hair tied back in a bun is a good idea to stop it from being blown around and out of place by the time photos are taken. Another option is to wear a hat, as long as it is formal.

It is becoming increasingly common to have a theme at a wedding. One of the biggest trends this year has been to use glitter for a glamorous occasion, similar to what we have seen from face glitter trends. Keeping it tasteful is important at a wedding, and should be limited to subtle use around the eyes or in the parting of your hair. This can be particularly fun for younger children.

For him


For the gentleman guest it is a little easier, and most occasions will require you to don a suit. For the cheekier chappy, it is traditional in parts of Scotland to wear a kilt, and this has translated across the border as a recent option. For those not in the know, it is a traditional Scotch patterned skirt for men that traditionally is worn without underwear.

Kilt or no kilt, there will be rules on what is expected and it is important to check with the bride or groom on whether you will be required to wear a tux, a three-piece suit, or just a suit and tie. With a tux, you should look to wear a long black jacket, a bow tie, and formal black shoes.

More recently though, traditions have relaxed and you may just be required to wear a three-piece suit. If this is the case, then you can experiment with blue, black, or grey, and black or brown leather shoes. A top tip is to match shoes and belt. So if you’re planning to wear brown shoes, look for a brown belt. Brown goes best with a blue suit, and black with grey or black suit.

For a tie, keep it simple and classy. Sometimes clip-ons are ideal, for when the evening relaxes and you take it off to go in the dance floor.


As mentioned previously brown or black shoes are the popular choices for a wedding. Avoid trainers at all costs, even on younger children, and use laced shoes. Shoes with straps or Chelsea boots can be too informal.


Much like the girls, you will be in all the photos so make sure you are looking at your best. Either have a shave, or have your facial hair trimmed and styled. It is a good idea to have a hair-cut a few days before the event so that you have enough time to get used to the new style and change it if you need to.

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