The rise of millennial pink and why you should wear it:

It’s 2017, the sales are in full flow, and we’re gearing up for a late summer. So what should you look out for in the shops or online?

Well this year’s colour is pink and it is about time men embraced this colour. If you’re thinking that you’ll be expected to dress up as Barbie think again, here are some outfits that are giving the colour pink more than a chance.

To kick off the article are these luxurious suede kickers from Oliver Spencer. Footwear has always been a defining feature of a man’s outfit, and if he can’t get his shoes right then what can he do? Pictured here with jeans, Ambleside Suede Sneakers will also go great with white or grey shorts.


Next up, is a pink top where the colour isn’t the only difference. Trendy designers Olive Clothing have carried on with creating fashionably baggy menswear, this time it is in the form of their unusual Box Cut Polo in pink that will make you stand out at any garden party.




Asos are now one of the biggest online retailers in the UK, and they have been busy designing pink outfits for every possibility this summer. But my favourite are the classy pink chino shorts that are available for an incredible £18. These dusty pink shorts can be worn with a white Tee or shirt, keeping your lower half cool in the sun.  


The Couture Club and One Athletic are well known for their baggy tees and sporty aesthetic, but this summer they’ve designed a vest in dusty pink that will give you maximum masculinity when showing off the guns on the beach or festival. The Newport vest also looks great under a denim bomber jacket for the evenings when it gets cooler.

Finally, European fashion giants Zara have a lightweight pastel pink sweater that is the ultimate in keeping it casual and yourself warm. Named after the fashion capital Milan, the Milano offers the ultimate in old school, simple design but keeping trendy with the ultimate colour. All for under £30.


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