student gadgets

Productivity Apps And Gadgets For Students

student gadgets

If you need help taking notes or staying productive during class, having helpful apps and gadgets on hand can help you as a student. Below, are our top recommended apps and gadgets from Evernote to Grammarly to help you maximize learning throughout all your classes.


Evernote is one of the best note apps that can store images, text, and voice notes all in their desktop and mobile platform. Plus, your notes can be shared among your friends in a snap. Additionally, you can organize all your notes through tags or notebooks for the different classes you are taking.


Study Habits

Study Habits is among the most impressive mobile applications for both productivity and learning. The app was based on educational psychology strategies and can help students increase their memory and comprehension, while reducing stress at the same time.



StudyBlue makes quizzes easy by giving students the ability to make digital custom flash cards to assess themselves and others. This app even offers real-time tracking with automated tests to prepare yourself before a big exam.


Livescribe Smart Pen

Even though Livescribe may look like any regular pen, it is anything but. In fact, it has a built-in infrared camera that records anything and everything you write down. This way, you can access all your written text through their desktop platform. The pen can even record audio notes, as well as scribbles, although it has to be used on specialized paper. However, the pen also has an OLED display panel that shows the storage and battery life to avoid writing down notes you can’t back up on your computer.



Pocket helps you find the best time to read important articles or watch fun videos on the web. The extension can be downloaded on any device and allows you to “remember” or save articles or videos to watch later. That way, you can view your saved content even if you’re device is in airplane mode, perfect for on-the-go reading. The extension even allows for filtering through videos, images, articles for the tags you provide.


Boogie Board Rip LCD Writing Pad

Say goodbye to your notebook. The Boogie Board Rip LCD Writing Tablet allows you to take notes right on the surface of the device. It saves up to 200 pages of notes in the device’s internal memory. Documents can easily be transferred to your computer with a simple USB cord.



Writing a paper is difficult enough without worrying about whether or not you spelled a word correctly. Luckily, there’s an app for that, or rather, a Google Chrome extension. Grammarly is your one stop editor for anything you may be writing from documents to emails to your tweets. It checks spelling and grammar plus, with a subscription, it can perform more complicated editing tasks. Here are some writing tips from professional essay writers.


Micromax MMX400R

Wouldn’t it be great if you could do your work from anywhere you wanted? With the Micromax MMX400R portable WiFi router, you can do just that. The router connects to any 3G network and allows you to easily access the internet on up to five of your devices. This portable router gives you up to three hours of internet access, too.


Sunrise is the calendar app to end all calendar apps. It makes it easy to keep track of all your upcoming due dates and track your assignments. View your calendar in month view, week view, or agenda form. The app can sync with other apps like Google Calendar, Evernote, and TripIt to save you time switching between apps. It even gathers birthdays and events from Facebook and adds them to your calendar.


From apps to browser extensions to gadgets, there are so many tools available that will help you stay on track with your school work. Beat procrastination and welcome productive days!

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