Shalyah Fearing Releases Debut Single “I’ll Get Over You”

Don’t let her last name fool you. At just 17 years old, Shalyah Fearing has proven that she is both immensely talented and mind-bogglingly fearless. The rising soulful pop singer has just released her newest single, “I’ll Get Over You,” which officially drops today on all streaming services. In addition, The track will soon be featured on Sway’s A&R Roadshow Playlist. Listen to the track below or via SPOTIFY / iTUNES:
 “I’ll Get Over You” showcases what is, perhaps, Shalyah’s greatest gift – the ability to instantly captivate with her impressive low register and then explode seamlessly into higher octaves. It’s this remarkable balancing act that sets Shalyah apart, as she brings a different kind of soul to urban pop music.
“To me, this song embraces the process of breaking up, hurting, and moving on, but still being pulled back in their direction and influence,” shares Shalyah. “I want my listeners to feel that pain and agony, but also know that over time the hurt will subside. We’ll always have bitter and sweet experiences in life, but those can often come with fond memories mixed with lessons well learned.”
Born and raised in Hudson, Florida, Shalyah began singing at just five years old, and took up the piano just a few years later. At 12, she received a full scholarship to the Performing Arts Center in Tampa, where she went on to star in productions of Shrek, The Little Princess, and The Little Mermaid. In between productions, she quietly – and fastidiously – prepared to audition for her favorite TV show, NBC’s The Voice. At age 15, Shalyah penetrated the hearts of millions on Team Adam, making it to the Top 8 amidst an outpouring of critical acclaim.
Idolator called her “amazing.” AXS claimed, “Fearing has amazing stage presence and sings with emotion and expression that is way beyond her years,” and Entertainment Weekly put it best, “She’s at the start of her own climb.” GRAMMY Nominated production team Katalyst (Ken Lewis and Brent Kolatalo) took notice and offered her a production deal. Soon, she found herself at their NYC studio recording her forthcoming debut.
“I want my story to inspire young people like myself to go out there and get what they want,” Shalyah affirms. “You have to work for it. That’s what I’m doing now. I’m working for it, and I’m going to get it.”
Connect with Shalyah Fearing:
Credit: Black Panda PR

One thought on “Shalyah Fearing Releases Debut Single “I’ll Get Over You”

  1. Baby girl I am so very proud of you. I will be buying this. It is awesome as expected. Love your work keep it up. Congratulations!

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