How Single Mothers Can Start Fresh with a Stress-Free Move

Along with the physical strain that comes with moving, there is also the mental and emotional drain that single moms have to deal with when they make a new life for themselves in a new home. But there are some things single moms can do to alleviate the stress of moving. Consider the following tips for a single mom’s stress-free move.

Get your Bearings

Single moms should spend some time familiarizing themselves with their new neighborhood; becoming familiar with the nearest hospitals and clinics, as well as police station, grocery store and pharmacy.

Single moms should also take a few minutes to introduce themselves to their new neighbours. Having a friendly relationship with neighbors will increase a single mom’s feeling of belonging and support.

Do a Safety Check

Double check that your new place has fresh locks and that the door latches are in working order. Make sure outdoor light bulbs are working. Find out where the switch is to turn off your power as well as your water, in case of an emergency. And double check that the smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors have working batteries.

Prepare Your Children

Single moms need to take extra care in preparing their children for the big move. Single moms are not the only ones who feel emotional and stressed during a move. The children can also feel overwhelmed with emotion, doubt and uncertainty, especially if they must move away from friends and must start a new school.

Plan a special tour of the new neighbourhood and the new school for your children. Make an effort to introduce your children to the children in their neighbourhood. Sign your child up for an activity that he enjoys, such as a sports or dance team, to not only keep him busy, but increase his chances of making friends quickly.

Pack Wisely

Plan your packing, so that you can get as much of your belongings packed, in an organized manner, as quickly as possible. Moving is a great time to de-clutter your life. A fresh move and a fresh start calls for purging old and unwanted things (including your ex.).

But be sensitive to your children’s needs when choosing what should stay and what should go. This is not the time to get rid of your children’s comfort toys. Let your children hold onto any belongings that bring them comfort during this stressful transition.

Let People Help You

Don’t be a hero when it comes to moving. A single mother who is attempting a stress-free move should allow herself to lean on her friends and accept some help instead of trying to do it all themselves.

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