Diseases with the Same Symptoms

Hypothyroidism and depression have some of the symptoms. So, if you are diagnosed with one, you should make sure it is definite.

Being sad, tired, and weight gain can be a symptom of both. Women are more likely to have both of these diseases. If it’s missed, hypothroidism can raise your cholesterol and your risk of heart disease. So, it is something you should be sure of.

If it’s hypothyroidism, you may gain weight because your metabolism slows down. You may have constipation, feel cold, and have dry skin. Heavy periods is another sign of it. If you have a family history of hypothyroidism, you should get tested and be sure you do not have it. If you get tested early enough, you can get treated for it.

People with depression lose interest in activities and may have a problem sleeping. You can also have a mood change and possibly a weight gain or loss. Depression can get to be very serious and if not treated, can possibly lead to suicide.

There are many other diseases which have the same symptoms also. Two other symptoms are chronic fatigue syndrome and Lyme disease.

Chronic fatigue syndrome means people sleep for 14 hours or more a night and they still feel tired when they wake up. They also have memory loss and have a hard time concentrating. You will most likely have headaches and a sore throat.

Lyme disease can also give you a headache and a stiff neck. When a deer tick latches on to you for more than 48 hours, it will transmit Lyme bacteria to you. Most people have a red rash where they’ve been bit.

All four of these diseases are major and if you are diagnosed with any of them, you should be sure you are checked for all possibilities to be sure they are diagnosing you correctly. They could result in serious consequences if not treated correctly.

Signs and symptoms of so many diseases can be alike, which is why you need to choose your health care physician carefully. A good physician should know exactly what to look for and test you for.

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