Five Benefits of Drinking Through a Straw

Most sit-down restaurants provide drinking straws for their customers as a courtesy, and to prevent them from having to sip from the actual glasses. Though drinking straws are mainly offered for hygiene and convenience, there are some added benefits to using them on other occasions. Some are health related; others are linked to “safety.” The next time you take a drink, reconsider using a straw. You just might be glad you did.

#1- Finding Foreign Objects

If you’re up on your news headlines, you’ll recall the story of a man who found a frog inside his Diet Pepsi can. No one yet knows exactly how the frog ended up on the inside of the can. But the man’s discovery was made after he took a sip from the can and discovered the dead frog. However, had the man used a straw and stirred the drink a bit, he might have discovered the weighty material floating around on the bottom.

#2- Life Savers

This may seem like an elementary benefit. But those who have been in horrible car accidents for example, requiring their jaws to be wired shut, are often completely dependent upon drinking straws. In this case, this is the only way that some accident survivors can receive the nutrition they need without doctors resorting to more invasive feeding methods.

#3- A Drinking Straw Helps the “Medicine” Go Down

On occasion you may find yourself in need of a yucky-tasting dietary supplement or liquid medication. Because drinking straws allow for swift movement of liquids into the mouth, they are great for taking medicines. By placing the straw towards the back of the mouth, the drink can more easily avoid the taste buds. Drinking straws, especially the funky, twirly ones can also encourage children to drink juices or other liquids that aren’t as fun-tasting.

#4- Reduce Choking Risks

It has also been said that drinking through a straw reduces the risk of choking on liquids. This is because swallowing with one is usually much easier; people tend to gulp when sipping from glasses and cups, thus increasing the risk of liquids being directed down the wrong path.

#5- Saving the Teeth

Dentists recommend drinking through a straw as opposed to sipping from glasses and cups, in order to preserve the teeth. Typically, when people drink from cups, the sugary liquids tend to cover all the teeth more because of the amount of time the liquid stays in the mouth with each sip. However, when a straw is used, the liquid can be better directed away from the teeth, thus saving them from decay and erosion over a period of time.

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