The Reasons History is so Important in Astrology

Often a subject of debate, astrology is a combination of science and art in which history plays an important role. Astrology needs history to verify findings and validate intuitive directions of study.

Predictive Astrology depends on historical references.

As mentioned in other articles here, the types of astrology differ. Looking at cycles and seeing what events occurred during specific historical eras shows how the planetary groupings are similar.

Before the age of computers, the angles of the planets were figured out through a laborious process of geometric calculations. From a current knowledge of the constellations and planets, a reference called an ephemeris provides a day-by-day location of each planet’s position.

At this point, going back into a history based on reverse calculations of the orbits of each nearby planet provides even more information. Currently, on the web, the computer type ephemeris marks the planetary events going back as far as 3,000 years.

Humanistic Astrology and Biography

Humanistic Astrology is a branch of astrology that describes a multifaceted human being, as opposed to merely where the Sun was located on the date of birth. Considering planets, constellations, period of life, and more, the astrologer learns from historical people.

Vincent Van Gogh, whose paintings vibrated with the colors of his rich visual perception, will never be forgotten. The story goes that he cut off his ear and took it to a woman he was in love with. Today he would most likely have been labeled with a known mental affliction, such as schizophrenia.

Given the birth information, an astrologer would be able to look for Van Gogh’s aspects to Mercury and Pluto, for example. Square aspects, house placements, and configurations to the Sun sign are all possible factors to investigate. Astrological clues blended with current day psychology may help with diagnosis.

Talented visionaries, epic heroes, poets and writers whose names have remained in the annals of history all have a lesson waiting to be discovered through astrological analysis.

The natal charts of historically famous people have consistently been proven to contain very unusual configurations.

Imagine what it would be like to find that your newborn infant is destined to be a genius? What if he or she shares unique characteristics found in the astrology charts of people like Einstein, Keats, Beethoven, or Elizabeth Barret Browning?

These are just a few examples of why history is so important in the field of astrology.

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