Meg Myers Releases New Single ‘Jealous Sea’

I’m sure we’re all eagerly awaiting the release of Meg Myers’ album, Take Me to the Disco, which comes out July 20th. So far, the singles have been absolutely great, showcasing growth in her artistry. I’m loving the old school vibe in these songs and of course, the depth in her lyrics. The newest release, Jealous Sea, is no different. Earmilk says, “”Cinematically, this track is haunted by the shadows of guilt but met by a furious storm of inward aiming rage and crippling self-loathing. The ghostly melodies lay a menacing blanket for Myers’ overtly expressive and powerful vocals. The lyrics of the track map out an internal graveyard of self-deprecating jealousy but we still get a sense of underlying emotional catharsis being worked out. It’s an introspective masterpiece of dark-pop/alt-rock (beautiful modern Nine Inch Nails/Marilyn Manson vibes) music and an early indication of the earnest songwriting that her upcoming new album Take Me To The Disco will surely contain.” Pre-order Take Me to the Disco, stream the songs on your favorite digital platform > Spotify | iTunes | Amazon | Tidal | Soundcloud




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