How to Get to Krka National Park from Zagreb, Split & Dubrovnik

Enchanting clear waters, soothing waterfalls, serene plant life, endearing vegetation and an amazing landscape are some of the divine aspects that make Krka National Park the coveted destination of many who travel to gorgeous Croatia. It is one of the country’s most treasured attractions with the park’s awe and wonder ensuring its popularity spreads out beyond its borders into Europe and the rest of the world. If you are in Dubrovnik, Split or Zagreb, the following guide will show you how to get to this jewel in Šibenik-Knin county from each town.


From Zagreb

By Car

Upwards of 300 kilometers separate this national park in Skradin from Zagreb and you can make the distance via a 3-hour drive on the main highway of E71. Alternatively, you could also get to where you are going by first taking the D1 route and then E17 that crosses within viewing distance of the Plitvice lakes. The latter option will take you about 50 minutes longer compared to the former.

By bus

The bus schedule is extremely friendly as Zagreb’s main terminal features daily routes to Skradin though during the winter they make the trip only once. A return ticket will cost you 19 euros while you’ll pay 7 less for a one-way option for this 4-hour long trip.

From Split

By Car

Split is a lot near to Krka National park than Zagreb, with the distance to travel only totaling up to about 90 kilometers which basically equates to an hour of driving. Route options are plenty and you could opt for the D8 path or the other road (E56/E71) that passes adjacent to Dugopolje or the longer D56 route that takes 30 minutes more than usual.

By Bus

The main Split bus station also features daily travels with winter trips limited to just three. The ride takes between anywhere between 1 and 1.5 hours tops with a single ticket priced at about 10 euros.

By private transfer

If you don’t fancy taking a bus or doing the driving yourself, you could simply let a professional handle all the transport and accommodation duties while you sit back and relax. There are a number of top-notch private transfers companies in Croatia that’ll certainly be up to your liking.

From Dubrovnik

By Car

The D8 road is the path to take from the town or the nearby highway though the later will set you back around 80 kuna in toll charges. The drive will take you approximately 3 hours as the distance between Skradin and Dubrovnik averages about 280 km.

By bus

Taking the journey by bus can take you more than 6 hours and the bus schedule is synonymous with other destinations highlighted herein i.e. more trips during the summer and few during the winter period. A return ticket will cost you 30 euros while a one-way option is priced at 20 euros.

More than a million people visited Krka National Park in 2016 and you can add to the growing number as these tips will help you get to Šibenik and the park in specific to experience the seven-course waterfall meal and other scenic pleasures it has to offer.

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