Sinead Harnett Reveals Official Video For “Body”

UK singer/songwriter Sinéad Harnett has unveiled a sensual new video for her latest single “Body,” which Pigeons & Planes praised for its “wistful vocals,” proclaiming it “a bittersweet song of secret loves and vulnerability, and further cements Harnett’s voice at the front of England’s R&B movement.” While relatively simple, conceptually, the video aptly utilizes color to convey the intense roller coaster of emotions associated with a deeply passionate love affair. Check it out:

Body” was written by Sinéad and produced by GRADES (NAO, Tove Lo, Little Boots). Talking about the song, Sinéad explains “I was inspired by finding myself in a situation I wasn’t ready to leave, but that had to end. GRADES always seems to be around when something dramatic like that is going on. He started playing the ‘Body’ chords & the song came straight away. Conceptually it was a fantasy song but in reality it was a ‘goodbye’ song for me.”

Sinéad grew up in North London, raised by her Thai mum, who “always made sure I knew how important education was”. From the age of eight, she threw herself obsessively into singing, but while she’d happily perform in front of her friends for fun, she never revealed to them how seriously she was taking it. She went on to university, but singing became all-consuming, traveling back home to London every weekend to record. She put her music ideas up on YouTube, fully admitting “I still didn’t know what I was doing, I was just trying ideas out”, but one of these clips caught English rapper Wiley‘s attention and he contacted her, giving her first major industry breakthrough when she appeared on his 2011 track “Walk Away.”

With plenty of new music on the horizon, Sinéad  Harnett plans to return to North American shores later this year.

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Credit: high Rise PR

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