[Exclusive] Hunny B takes us to the “Streets of NamTown”

Many might know Melissa Veszi from movies like I.T. with Pierce Brosnan, Parallel, and several television appearances. These days, Melissa is catching the attention of music listeners under the stage name Hunny B. Songs like The Unknown have stirred emotions with its relatable lyrics and painful music video, while her most recent release, “Streets of NamTown, will get you up on your feet dancing. It’s such a pleasure to have the singer/actress on the site with an exclusive interview, considering how busy she must be between promoting her new single and balancing family life. So please listen to her uptempo Afro inspired “Streets of NamTown” below, and stream the song on your preferred digital platforms. Then, of course, continue to the interview and learn more about this wonderful entertainer. 


EY: Thanks for taking the time. For those new to you, tell us a bit about yourself.

HB: Thank you for your support and wanting to know a little more about me. I am excited to share more of myself with your readers.

I am a singer, actress and writer originally from Canada but now live in the UK. I am of Trinidadian and Hungarian heritage and married to a Namibian. Rare fact about me, my first time on a motorcycle was with Will Smith’s hairstylist to McDonald’s.


EY: Where did the name Hunny B come from and why not use Melissa as a stage name?

HB: Melissa means honeybee but I changed the spelling. I wanted an alter ego, kind of like Sasha Fierce, but before I heard of Sasha Fierce. 


EYDescribe your musical style.

HB: It’s hard to describe my musical style.  I classify my sound under the broad umbrella of pop music. We write and compose whatever we feel at the time. Being influenced by many genres and cultures gives us the freedom to explore, experiment and express different musical styles.  


EYI enjoyed your debut album, Dreaming Is Believing. Tracks that stood out to me are Poisoned Love, Win or Lose, The Unknown, and Taste of Butterfly. I love the variety in sounds. What was the creative process like and what were you hoping listeners would take from this album? 

HB: I am glad you loved the variety of sounds. I am not a big fan of albums where all the tracks sound the same. We recorded the album in Canada, the States and the UK. It was a slow process, taking approximately 2 years to complete. Creatively, we wanted an album that our listeners and fans could relate to. Hopefully, we accomplished that. 


EY: You certainly did. Your newest single Streets of NamTown is very entertaining. I like the lyrics and African influenced beat. What inspired the song? What is NamTown?

HB: NamTown is a nickname for the Country of Namibia. I visited Namibia in 2013, as my husband is Namibian born. The song was inspired by the beautiful people of Namibia, who really embrace life, and know how to live in the moment. 


EY: Can we expect more of this sound on your next album? Do you have a release date? Any featured artists?

HB: I definitely want my next album to have more cultural sounds. Afro beat makes me feel good. I want to make music, that when you hear it, you can’t help but dance. That’s what I want for my next album. We don’t have a release date yet or confirmed feature artist, but all future album information will become available on my website www.hunnybentertainment.com


EY: How have you grown musically since your debut?

HB: I am always growing musically with every song. I have never been afraid to take risks, but I think now with world music being so hot, I’m even more keen to create outside of my comfort zone.


EY: That’s wonderful. Now, you’re also an actress, having appeared in movies and television shows. What was your favorite starring role? Any acting projects in the works?

HB: I am so grateful for every acting opportunity I’ve had. I don’t really have a favorite but VJ Toni in Instant Star was fun, because I secretly want to be a television presenter. Recently I was a judge on a BBC One television program called All Together Now. It has been picked up for a second season, so we will see if I’m asked back. At the moment, I am enjoying marketing our new single “Streets Of NamTown” and being a new mummy for the second time.


EY: Congratulations! So what’s the transition like from acting to singing, vice versa? How would you describe the process of each and do they inspire one another? 

HB: Singing and acting do inspire each other because in both you are telling a story. Both are expressive and creative. In both, you have to rely on your instincts, however, in music you can hear yourself back, whereas in acting most times you don’t get to see your performance until it’s aired.


EY: I saw that the proceeds from your last single, Falling, went towards helping build new homes for orphans in South Africa through the Coco’s Foundation. Tell us about this charity and your affiliation with it. 

HB: Coco’s Foundation is a charity we stumbled upon a couple years ago. We love what they stand for and how hands-on they are at making a difference in children’s lives living in South Africa. I wanted to go to South Africa with the foundation and build homes, but I got pregnant and so releasing a song, “Falling” and giving 100% of the profits to the foundation, was the next best thing.


EY: That’s so awesome of you, Melissa. What’s next for you?

HB: I want to release another single hopefully in August and continue working on my next album. I will also be focusing on doing more live performances after the summer.  I’ve also had a few auditions recently for some upcoming projects so watch this space.


EY: Thanks again. Please leave any tips for aspiring entertainers.

HB: The entertainment business is a tough business. People say this all the time, but until you really give it a go, you won’t realize how tough it truly is. It’s a real grind. You have to really love it, but with persistence, a career in the entertainment business is absolutely possible.


Learn more about the charity and how you can help > Coco’s Foundation

More on Hunny B: 




Credits: NHDProductions + Lenoir Jordan + HunnyB Twitter


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