6 Summer 2018 Fashion Trends We Are Obsessed With | Angela Lynn @PlushNecessities

New York Fashion Week 2018 just wrapped up and with its conclusion has come to the forecasting of next season’s trends. From the 70’s style to the shoulder-sweeping earrings, there have been several recurring fashion trends that came down multiple designer runways. There have been some trends that have blown us away completely. Here are six of the 2018 fashion trends that we are totally obsessed with.
1. Shoulder-Sweeping Earrings
Anyone who has been keeping up with the fashion trends will know that beaded metallic and asymmetrical/solo earrings are in right now. Be bold and give it a go! You can put a small stud earring in one ear and wear the metallic one in the other. Style your hair to one side to show off the sculptural beauty. If you are not quite ready for a single earring, you can also buy two of these and ear them together!
2. 70s Style
History also repeats itself when it comes to fashion and in a better way than before. Among the many hottest trends that made a comeback in 2018 is the chic and cool 70s style. Whether it is the vintage look or that 70s hippie vibe, all of it is making a comeback, and we cannot be any happier. It is experimental, stylish and classic. Flared bottoms, knotted tops, polka dots, colored glasses, ruffles; these are some of the gems of 70s style.
3. Spa Robes
Nothing is more luxurious and comfortable at the same time than a fluffy white robe. This year fashion robes have reached a whole another level. Check out extravagant spa robes as they will surely make your days.
4. Large Florals
Florals for summer anyone?! Why not! But you must be wondering what is new in that? In 2018, it is not just the floral prints that ruled the runway, but they were large floral prints. Large floral prints are great for all the body types. Pairing these prints with a solid colored lower or upper is a safe bet. You can also try prints of the same color if you want to experiment some. Pairing large floral prints with a contrast color is a good idea as well.
5. Velvet
Velvet is something that not many people are fond of. But it is also one of the prevailing fashion trends this year. Velvet blazers, kurtas, skirts, or jumpsuits; there is so much with which you can
experiment with this classy fabric with. The good thing is that 2018 not just about the dark hues for velvet, but also pastel velvets.
6. Geometric Prints
Crisp and sharp, geometric prints have always been chic and made their way on the runway. Geometric prints are among the top hottest fashion trends 2018 for women. Now it is time that we all get the runway fashion to our closets. You can start off with the basic colors like black and white and add a pop of color with the help of bright accessories or shoes.
We hope that our list will help you put together a trendy wardrobe!
About the Author:
Angela Miller is a fashion enthusiast based in the United States of America. She enjoys blogging
and podcasting. She covers everything, from trends to personal comfort. She regularly posts her
how-to articles at the Plush Necessities.
Credits: Angela Miller | Plush Necessities | gettyimages | glamour

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