[Exclusive] Wyen Solo on “Hennessy & Rose Petals”

Feel good music that you can dive into and enjoy, while relating to every word. That’s how I sum up rising R&B artist Wyen Solo‘s debut album and her sound in general. This talented singer has granted us an interview to allow listeners to get to know her more and better understand what she’s bringing to the genre. Check out her tastefully done video for title track, Hennessy & Rose Petals, and continue below for our interview. Don’t sleep on Wyen Solo. Download and Stream her music now > SPOTIFY | APPLE MUSIC | YOUTUBE AMAZON

EY: Thanks for taking the time. Share a bit about yourself growing up in the UK. When did you get into music?

WS: Thank you for supporting me and doing this interview.

I started singing really young. I was about 6 years old, I was always in school plays and talent shows; at 13 I won my first songwriting award and I’ve been making music ever since.


EY: Who are some of your biggest influences in entertainment?

WS: I’m heavily influenced by 90’s R&B. I love artists like Brandy, Toni Braxton, Xscape, Faith Evans. I feel R&B was at its best in the 90’s era.


EY: Describe your musical style. How does it differ from what we’re currently hearing in mainstream?

WS: I don’t water down my sound. I pride myself on being true to the sound of R&B. I write all my songs, which makes them personal so I try and be as honest and authentic as possible with my delivery. I also take my time to hand pick producers to make sure I don’t have to compromise my sound.


EY: What inspired your debut single “Smile”, and how did it feel being featured more than once on an R&B collection alongside so many artists you’ve admired?

WS: Smile was an apology record to my mum lol. I was going through that “I know everything teenage phase” and my mouth was always moving before I thought, who knew me being a brat would lead to my break into the industry.


EY: I read that you took some time after touring with Eliza Doolittle to begin working on your music, and then started doing backing vocals and writing for other artists, including Alexandra Burke. Why did you decide to do this?

WS: I try to surround myself with people with similar visions to myself as I love to learn, and in working with major artists I got to experience things I hadn’t myself yet such as live TV recording etc, from this I felt I can use what I learnt and apply it to my future projects. I felt the time I spent working with these artists allowed me to be mentally ready to create my album as I knew exactly what I wanted to put out to the world.


EY: How is it working on music for others? Is it difficult or easier than creating songs for yourself?

WS: I find it easier creating for other artists as it’s not as emotionally draining on me when I’m writing Wyen Solo records. 9 times out of 10 I have lived what I’m writing about or still am dealing with it. I pride myself on being honest in my songs and really wear my heart on my sleeve and be creatively free with no inhibitions.


EY: Tell us about your debut album, Hennessy & Rose Petals. Gorgeous cover shot, by the way. Why did you go with that title? What’s the story behind the songs and skits?

WS: Thank you to Gabbi Cooper for an amazing cover, I feel like Hennesy & Rose Petals summed up the relationship I was in. It’s not necessarily an obvious combination like cheese and wine or chocolate and strawberries but in its own beautiful way it works. Hennessy is a dark liquor that if you consume the right amount, you can enjoy the experience, if you consume too much it can make you quite sick. Rose petals are soft and beautiful to look at, they smell good and still have an element of beauty even when they die. I kinda feel that’s a great analogy for my relationship at the time. We had harsh, strong moments but regardless, there was a beauty to our love that will never die.


EY: What are you hoping listeners will take from your music?

WS: Honestly, get that feeling you used to get back in the 90s where a song takes you back to a significant moment.


EY: I’ve noticed that over the years, some UK R&B artists have transitioned to the US, possibly in hopes of getting more recognition. Having a passion for R&B music, what is your opinion on the state of this genre in the UK for black artists?

WS: I honestly feel what’s classed as R&B now is very watered down to the point that people have lost sight of the genre. This is another reason why I’m so blessed that people are enjoying my album the way they are because it’s raw, it doesn’t have a pop element to it at all.

I’ve been back and forth to the states for the last two years, there is definitely a strong R&B market there so it’s understood more, but I think the UK is definitely embracing the genre again so it’s only a matter of time before mainstream have to implement this into what they are playing on the radio and music channels etc.


EY: How would you say you’ve evolved as an artist since your debut until now?

WS: I’ve finally become confident in what I do. I really know my sound. I listen to my solo supporters in order to create the best music I can but most importantly, I’ve stopped being scared and holding back. I push myself as an artist and as a business woman everyday.


EY: What’s next for you?

WS: Traveling, sharing my music with the world; writing for other artists is always going to be something I do but just really breaking mainstream is my long term goal, in order to do that I have to keep working hard, keep creating opportunities for myself.


EY: Thanks again, Wyen. Please leave a message to your fans and any tips for aspiring R&B artists.

WS: Thank you so much for supporting me, it means a lot. 

To my solo supporters, I love you, thank you for allowing me to live my dream, always believe in your vision; there’s no dream too big, you can do anything you want too. There will be tears, fears and times you want to quit, when that comes push a little harder.


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Credit: Wyen Solo + Gabbi Cooper


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