Top 10 End of Summer Looks


Aika is a fashionista originally from Japan now living in Seattle. Her goal is to “create a fusion of American and Japanese style that works on both continents.” She also “strives for a fashion that inspires uniqueness.” I’m a fan of AikA’s Love♡ Closet fashion blog because her style is edgy, trendy, and definitely wearable. So of course, I just had to get her to stop by EY and provide some fashion tips for our readers.

Check out AikA’s Top 10 End of Summer Looks and tell (show) us what your favorite is:


<< Jewerly & Accessories >>


       – Chunky/double chain pendants
       – Chunky statement necklace

       – Animal earrings (ex: bug, snake), crystal drop earring
       – Ear cuff
       – 90’s earring (door-knocker earrings)


      – Baseball caps
      – Wide brimmed fedora
      – Beanie (with some words),

      – Rounded (retro/ bug eye) sunglasses,
      – Mirrored sunglasses
      – Oversized sunglasses
      – Cat-eye sunglasses

      – Lace-up heels
      – Clear heels sandals/boots
      – Mannish shoes
      – Pointy heels
      – Mens inspired flats
      – White shoes
      – Short ankle boots

     – Mini clutch/bag
     – Tiny shoulder/cross-over bag
     – Big tote

     – Finger tip rings
     – Multi rings (ex: asos pack of 8 smooth rings) double rings

     – Ankle socks

     – Graffiti print/band tee 

AikA’s Love Closet
– Stay Fashionable, Stay Unique –
Stop by her fashion blog for lots more:
Images Credit: AikA + Forever21 + ASOS

4 thoughts on “Top 10 End of Summer Looks

  1. I’m to fat to pull those off! I wish I could dye my hair purple but I don’t want to look like I’m from the capital. What fun she is having with design though.

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