[EXCLUSIVE] R&B Artist PORCELAN and the Passion Behind Her Music

R&B recording artist and songwriter PORCELAN has been making appearances all over the place. Fresh off her performance at the ESSENCE Music Festival, the artist balances working on her music and touring and promoting her single Lois Lane. The latest single is hot and definitely showcases why Porcelan will make her mark in the r&b scene. Check out the Bodyguard-influenced music video below and continue for our exclusive interview with this undeniably talented lady.  
EY: Thanks for taking the time. Tell us a bit about yourself. When did you realize you wanted to become a singer/songwriter and how did you get your start?
I knew as a kid I wanted to pursue music. It had always been apart of my life because of my family. I come from a music background it was always apart of my household so I knew I wanted to do it. I got my start into music as a child singing for my 5th grade graduation. At that moment performing on stage with so many of my peers and being applauded I knew that this was it for me.


EY: What sets your musical styling apart from the rest?
The emotional connectivity within my music is what makes me different. The conviction and the passion behind the songs is what creates the Porcelan sound, along with the soul and fresh approach in the concept and lyrics


EY: Who are some of your biggest influences in entertainment?
My biggest influences are Stevie Wonder, Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, Prince.


EY: Your debut “The Real Thing Don’t Change” is such a beautiful song. How did this masterpiece come to be and what was it like working with hall of fame songwriter David Porter on the track?
The song was written by David Porter and produced by Hamilton Hardin. We sat down and collaborated on the emotion behind the lyrics, and I recorded the music from a place within myself I was passionate about. I wanted to capture what the real thing feels like to me through my lyrical approach. Working with David is an opportunity to learn new ways of singing melody based on concept and lyrics. We not only look at the song but where we can find ourselves and what it means for us. Which always makes the music taylored to who I am. So I enjoy being able to be me in my music.


EY: Lois Lane” is just as great a song and I love that it’s r&b to the core. What inspired the lyrics?  
A woman wanted to have something real and unconditional inspired the lyric. Superman’s relationship with Lois Lane is the perfect dynamic. He represent strength and security which I believe every woman wants to feel regardless of how strong they are. You want to know that someone always has your back and can protect you.


EY: The music video is well done. It perfectly conveys the message in the song and you looked absolutely stunning. Have you considered acting, whether TV or movies?
Yea! I think music will lead me into so many different opportunities. Acting is definitely something I would love to do in the near future.


EY: When can fans expect your album? Could you share a little about the concept and music direction? Any features? What do you hope listeners will take from the songs? 
I’m currently working on new material and I can’t wait for everyone to hear. We will be releasing very soon an incredible and diverse project, and my fans will get to know so many different sides of who I am. I’m super excited.


EY: What is your opinion on the state of R&B/Soul music today and the notion that it is a dying genre?
I think that a younger generation of R&b is rising and it will be great again. I think young r&b is finally being noticed and it’s coming back gracefully, with some amazing and eclectic new talents that are burning up the charts right now, and I’m excited to be apart of it.


EY: How would you say you’ve grown as an artist since your debut?
I met so many new people. Learned tons of things about myself. I’m becoming more disciplined In what I’m trying to become as well as gaining more experience and knowledge as I’m growing in the industry.


EY: You recently performed at the Essence Music Festival in New Orleans. How was the experience?
The experience was amazing I’ve got so much incredible feedback from the performance, and I was truly honored to be part of such an incredible roster. It was truly an experience of a lifetime and I’m so amazed and happy that I was received so well. It was so much love and support. I truly cannot wait to return.


EY: What’s next for you?
Touring for my single and preparing to release new music.


EY: Thanks again, Porcelan. Please leave a message to your fans and any tips for aspiring artists.
Focus on consistency and stay committed to your craft. No one will care about your career more than you. Inspire those around u to work harder.


Instagram: @PorcelanMusic
Facebook: /PorcelanMusic



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