How to Find the Perfect Home for Your Family

Buying a new home to house your growing family is not an easy process. You need to compare many homes, consider their value, determine how much you can afford, and negotiate with the home seller. The following tips may help you with your search.

A property report is a good starting point for determining if you have found the perfect home for your family. However, you should also explore your home loan options through an online lending service.

Along with a property report, companies like Lendi or Canstar provide useful tools to help home buyers, including equity calculators and borrowing power calculators. After using these tools, you can compare the top loan options from over 30 Australian lenders.

Create a List of Potential Properties

You should begin searching for suitable properties. You can use online resources, realtors, and local directories to find homes for sale. Search for property listing that matches your search criteria.

The property listing may also include vital details about the property, such as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. These details may be relevant to your decision.

Begin creating a list of the homes that you are interested in. Make a note of their asking price, location, and the company handling the sale. You should also note any of the details that you found in the property listing.

Talk to Realtors to View the Properties

When you have several properties in your list, begin talking to realtors or homeowners to view the properties. Some properties may have open houses, allowing people to view the property without prior arrangements.

As you begin visiting the properties, continue to take notes. You may eliminate properties from your list based on what you discover when walking through the house, such as water damage or an inadequate floor plan.

Learn More about the Neighbourhood

When you visit the properties that you are interested in, you should also pay attention to the surrounding area and neighbourhood. You may want to learn more about the schools in the area. You should also explore access to local shopping and entertainment.

Driving around the neighbourhood is a great way to get a better sense of whether it is a good fit for you and your family. However, a property report may also contain useful details that may make your decision easier.

Use a Property Report to Gather Info

After you have narrowed down your options, you can use a free property report to gather more information about your top choice. The free property reports available through the aforementioned online lenders provide useful details that may help you with your decision.

The property report includes a price estimate based on the recent sales of comparable properties in the area. Along with giving you a better idea of how much the home may cost, you can use this sales information to determine if the neighbourhood is experiencing an increase or decrease in home values. Your local State may have some general information to help. You may also discover additional details about the property, including its current condition and recent sales or rental history.


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