Within Temptation Continues to “Resist”


Dutch metal band Within Temptation has dropped their long awaited seventh studio album, RESIST. Ten amazing tracks that’ll make it hard for rock lovers and fans to pick a favorite. From the singles, many have noted a change to the band’s prior symphonic sound. But WT is known to do different things and go where the music takes them. I for one am grateful the band has come out on top, with everything they had experienced in the years leading up to the release of RESIST. Download the new album, stream continuously, add to your playlists, purchase the CDs, do whatever to support this project because it is undeniably worth it. SPOTIFY | iTUNES | AMAZON

DISCLAIMER:  I just want to make it clear that although I’m a huge fan of Within Temptation, my review is still unbiased because I’m a lover of good music and I’m always honest about my feelings. If it doesn’t move my heart it’s not for me.

The album starts out powerful with The Reckoning. A song that truly embodies the concept and depicts how WT has overcome difficulties to still be standing today. “In blood and tears, a thousand times. We rise against, we’ll always hold the line of reckoning.” Those lyrics explains it all.

The transition into Endless War is genius. This is a song that everyone can relate to. There are times you feel like your problems will never go away and that you keep holding on but there’s no end in sight. It feels like your war will go on forever. That it’s hopeless. But there’s a sense in this song that’s also like saying, don’t let go. And Raise Your Banner is the perfect empowerment you need when you feel like it’s all useless. Once again, the transitions on the album are superb. Every song ties together. There are no tracks out of place. Raise Your Banner picks up the tempo following a more ballad-like Endless War. The third track gives you a rush, an strong encouragement to keep fighting. Love the drums, guitar break, harmonies, and of course Anders Friden’s groals. check out the music video, it’s just as amazing!


Supernova is an interesting track. It definitely continues the concept of powering on through adversities. But I could also apply the lyrics to what the band was going through. Sharon said they reached a point where they were considering retiring, that writer’s block and other personal pain had taken a toll on their focus. So I love how she sings “When the lights go down, I can’t let the music fade. I dive in deep and soar so high.” I’ve interpreted this as being in a low place but still waiting for the light, a speck of peace, hope.

Holy Ground to me sounds like frustration. You’re frustrated in life, in a relationship, with people not being open and honest when you are. Love Sharon’s melodies. Fans of WT’s older albums will enjoy the symphonic crooning. Sharon’s voice is always angelic. I like how on this song, you can feel how frustrated she is with the situation and the fierceness within her heart.

That agitation sort of withers down to knowing you’ve done all you could and have come to the conclusion that it’s all In Vain. The lyrics come across to me as someone coping with death and understanding that it’s inevitable, no matter all the material things. Nothing can prevent that from happening. Hence the line, Memento Mori. I remember reading that Sharon had lost her father so I wonder if this song emits that. Either way, it’s a solemn yet impeccably beautiful song.

“Isn’t it strange that love is in the way? It never goes away…” Love that line! Firelight is such an amazing song. It’s a rock ballad that I’ll remember for the rest of my life. Something about this song in particular really grabs my heart and holds on to it. And I think that Jasper Steverlinck’s voice complements Sharon’s nicely. Their soulful tones and emotional croons toward the end are indescribable. Sharon said she wrote the song for her solo project but that it felt too dark. I agree. This dark beauty is perfect for RESIST.

The tempo picks up again in Mad World. It’s an edgier track that screams rebellion and wanting to break free from conforming. We want to live our own lives, love the way we want and break away from the negativity of the world.  

Mercy Mirror is another ballad that I’m in love with. And again, sounds like difficulties one faces when it comes to letting go of someone you’ve lost. Such a beautiful and emotional track that’ll be stuck on repeat. I can totally relate to this gem, sorrowful theme and all. These lyrics struck me: “It’s a wicked game life plays. How it gives and takes away.” “I need you more than I have known. So look in my mercy mirror. ‘Cause I’m not ready to let you go. Now I know, now I know.”

The album closes with a bang. Trophy Hunter is exactly like the title sounds, and it certainly gets your adrenaline going. Love how addicting and catchy the chorus is. The song is about fighting on, rising above it all and remaining free. 

In conclusion, I have no more words to describe how beyond satisfied I am with RESIST. I am super thankful that my favorite rock band in the whole world are now in a better, more creative space after all they’d endured. I believe the fact that they are still standing encourages us that in life, you can overcome. Just keep fighting. Yes, the core symphonic metal elements that they started with has simmered a tad with the times. But their music  evolves in every era and is still incomparable, relatable, emotional, dark, beautiful, and timeless. Within Temptation, you guys are EPIC. A treasure in the world of music and I appreciate you dearly.

Rating: 5/5


Credit: WT official website



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