Is This LOONA’s Best Title Track?

I must admit, I never delved deeply into the Loonaverse. I always watched their comeback videos and push off listening to their EPs for a later time. But it wasn’t until they released PTT (Paint the Town) that they really grabbed my attention, and I checked out their other songs aside from the title tracks. Honestly, Paint the Town is my favorite comeback and the only one I go back to in that regard. As for their B-sides, I looooove VOICE/STAR [12:00] and DANCE ON MY OWN [&]. Both are just really catchy and something about them captivates me. As for the solo tracks, I love Yves’s NEW.

But back to PAINT THE TOWN!

The production is superb. Every single instrument and sound effect is perfectly placed and their vocal arrangements is the cherry on top. As a result, we have a total masterpiece.

Music video is beyond visually pleasing. As expected of a kpop video, there are colors, drama, style, makeup, and fantastic choreography. What more can you ask for? Bravo, LOONA. You now have a fangirl.

Stream LOONA’s latest EP and their other music on SPOTIFY

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