DREAMCATCHER Releases “Summer Holiday” Special EP

The queens of concept (my opinion) have returned with their special EP “Summer Holiday.” The title track, BEcause, is just as you imagined a summer track from the group would convey: creepy, chilling, and thought-provoking. The song is beautifully produced from instruments to vocals. Catchy hook, and especially haunting bridge with SuA’s ending.

The music video? My god! All I can say is DREAMCATCHER has done it again. The storyline is so intriguing, and the visuals just pulls you in. I’ve seen comments that the video is influenced by the movie “US,” and has to do with doppelgangers. I definitely get that vibe because as the video progresses, you realize each member has another version of themselves. At the end, it’s almost as if they’ve been completely replaced.

There are many theories out there, I’m sure. And no matter how much I analyze, I find something new and unique. That is the reason why I love this group so much. They’re just in a lane to themselves, and I truly enjoy everything they release and their live performances. Choreography is another cherry on top when it comes to the package. They just have it all!

Let’s dive into the EP.

The intro is creepy as hell, with the sound of footsteps and the opening and closing of a door. As the music comes in, we hear the vocal echo of “BEcause I like you.” It’s the perfect setup for the title track.

I highly recommend listening to the comeback track with headphones, you’ll hear more of the masterpiece Leez and Ollounder have constructed, and you’ll fall in love even more.

Now, it’s hard to understand why people continue to brush off DREAMCATCHER when they have everything for everyone. If you’re not into rock or rock influenced tracks, why not check out their B-sides. It’s loaded with diversity. Their catalogue includes pop, dance, r&b, and even jazz. On Summer Holiday, you get pop/synth tracks like Airplane and Whistle. Both are up-tempo and a far-stretch from BEcause. These are definitely more summery for strict pop lovers. Whistle is my favorite of the two. It sounds like a fresh 80’s influenced song and something about their harmonies. I feel the emotions strongly.

Speaking of 80s influenced. Alldaylong is exactly that. The track is groovy and smooth with sultry harmonies and a catchy hook. It’s mid-tempo, which is a great transition from the more upbeat songs, and flows flawlessly into the ballad, A Heart of Sunflower. This is the final track on the EP. It’s raw, emotional, and feels like a lullaby in my ears. I love the way the song starts out soft, but builds more and more from the middle. Those guitar riffs! Chef’s kiss. DREAMCATCHER won’t just give you great music videos, choreo and catchy songs. They’ll deliver their vocal abilities as well, and these women can SING! By the way, they’ve also participated in the lyrics on some tracks. I mean, what more could you ask for?

In conclusion, stan DREAMCATCHER. Stream their music. Watch their videos. They truly deserve the support and so much more. Talented is an understatement and they should be much bigger than where they are, and I hope they’re only elevated further from here.

Share your positive thoughts, not your animosity!!

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