Sophie Pecora Releases EP ‘To Save The World’

Rising singer-songwriter/rapper Sophie Pecora has unveiled her latest project: To Save The World. The 5-track project includes previously released songs like “I’m in a Rut” and “I’m Fine”. She’s also revealed a lyric video for the title track. To Save The World EP is Sophie’s third project to date, and the follow up to her Wildflower EP.

Sophie has proven she has a rare talent for pairing thought-provoking lyrics with upbeat melodies, seamlessly blending singing and rapping in a style that is uniquely her own.

Sophie describes her music as “turning feelings into art”, and the new project encapsulates her unique ability to convey empathy through her songs, helping listeners feel understood and less alone. Inspiring people is the primary aim of Sophie’s music.

Sophie further elaborates on the sentiments behind the title track “To Save The World”:

“I was feeling overwhelmed by the news and what’s happening in the world. I was feeling like all it took was someone to care a lot, I would be the one to save the world. I care so much and was wishing that how I was feeling could translate to saving other people who are going through so much hardship, heartache, and pain.

As I was writing this song, I was thinking about all the songs I write and that I get so many messages every day from people telling me how much my songs help them. They say that they feel like I’m putting into words exactly how they are feeling, and it makes them feel so much better. I thought – maybe caring really could help people? Maybe it’s true that me and anyone who cares so deeply can help the world in some way by doing something from the heart.”

Sophie has an upcoming show at The Hotel Café in LA on July 26th, tickets available here

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Credits: Alec Morris

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