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EMBRACE YOU has gained a strong following of readers from around the world. Our target market is 18 years and older globally forward readers who are enlightened by our diverse contents. Interested individuals/businesses who’d like to use EY as a promoting ground for their business can view our advertising opportunities below.

Available Ad Formats

*160 x 600 (Wide Skyscraper positioned at the bottom right of the homepage) $200 per month 

*300 x 300 (Squares, top position) $100 per month

*250  x 250 (Small Squares, bottom of the sidebar) $90 per month

*150 x 150 (extreme bottom of sidebar) $80 per month

*Please note, there is an additional cost of $10 to be added to the prices above IF we design your ad for you!

Other Advertising Opportunities

*Promotional post (product review, live event, artist spotlight, fashion brand, etc. ) $70 per post

Site takeover! Have a custom background and header designed to promote your company, brand, etc. Our marketing personnel and graphics designer will work with you to create the right background that will leave a lasting impression on our readers. $500

Please send us an e-mail if you’re interested in any of the above. 

*Payments are only accepted via paypal. You do not need a paypal account to do this.

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