Katy Perry even makes braces look sexy

Vocal diva, Katy Perry, has managed to come up with yet another quirky video. Her newest release “Last Friday Night” is a mixture of 80’s themed clothing and dorky behavior. The video is filled with celebrities like Rebecca Black, who you may know from her one hit wonder, “Friday.” Glee cast members Darren Criss and Kevin McHale also make an appearance in the video. I have a feeling this will become the national … Continue reading Katy Perry even makes braces look sexy

Adele is “turning tables” and heads with her new CD

  Adele has recently struck gold with yet another amazing album. The UK singer has released her third album, appropriately named “21.” Adele is basically a more soulful, English version of Taylor Swift. Every song on her album is easily related to by teenagers or adults. Like her other albums, “21” had a slew of somber songs about love and heartbreak. My personal favorite being “Turning Tables.” With lyrics like … Continue reading Adele is “turning tables” and heads with her new CD

3 Things for Spring

 1. Retro: Pleated skirts are making a huge come back! This 70’s inspired retro look can also be rocked as a knee length, maxi or mini dress. “Forever21” has a large array of dresses at great prices.  2. Floral is the new black: The world’s most romantically famous flower is now runway famous too.  The Nannette Lepore runway show featured long dresses with busy floral patterns this season.  If you … Continue reading 3 Things for Spring

Taylor Swift Earns Respect in Entertainment

Taylor Swift has Recently been named “Entertainment Weekly’s”  2010 Entertainer of the year! According to “Entertainment Weekly” she was two months old when the magazine was started and now she is their youngest winner. Taylor Swift has won a countless number awards at the VMA, Grammys,  and many more. In total the singer song-writer has won 48 awards and has been nominated for 62. Not bad for a … Continue reading Taylor Swift Earns Respect in Entertainment

Karl Lagerfeld makes Chanel proud

Karl Lagerfeld has retaken the fashion world by storm in the name of Chanel. His new designs are based off of “global cooling.” The run way looked like glaciers; chills go down your spine just looking at it. Faux fur is the new hit item of the season and Lagerfeld take full advantage of it. From faux fur boots to sweaters with over sized fur collars, all the designs have … Continue reading Karl Lagerfeld makes Chanel proud

Christina Perri collects our hearts

Christina Perri is the new artist on the scene. Her song, “Jar Of Hearts,” first caught the ears of listeners when it was played on “Dancing with the Stars.” Perri wrote the song to express feelings about a brutal breakup. “Jar of Hearts” is a slow song with beautifully sad lyrics. It will melt the “ice inside your soul” every time you hear it. Continue reading Christina Perri collects our hearts

‘Raise a glass’ for Pink’s new song

On November 16, Pink managed to release another amazing album.

Greatest Hits…So Far!!!,” is the singer’s sixth album. It is a combination of her old songs like “Get the Party started,” as well as some new songs. “Raise Your Glass,” is the most talked about song and video on the album. Continue reading “‘Raise a glass’ for Pink’s new song”

Burberry hits the mark

Burberry has done it once again! Their 2010 winter collection is a new take on a classic look. The men are dressed in tailored suits, similar to those worn in “Mad Men.” The men’s coats have a 1940’s germanic feel to them. As for the women, their clothes showed a mix of sexy leather boots, classic knits and lace. Both the men and women designs have an over all european … Continue reading Burberry hits the mark