Vawk: LGFW

Toronto Fashion week wrapped on Friday and Vawk was one of the many talented designers that showed his new collection. This line consisted of soft neutral tones with pops of colors and statement metallic pieces. We heart this collection for its effortless appeal.

See for yourselves:

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Men’s wear for Women

Who doesn’t love to wear men’s clothing, could be a shirt, joggers, basketball short? They are just so comfortable and well, they are no longer just for men. Women have gone from wearing ‘made for men’ clothing in the privacy of their homes to wearing them boldly on the streets. It started small; hats and vests i presume, and soon we were wearing ‘boyfriend’ jeans (My boyfriend wasn’t too pleased when he found out we were sharing his fav jeans…. lol). Well, the floodgates have been thrown open and there is no going back, we even wear male shoes these days.

Personally, I am not into the whole androgynous trend but I’m having a change of heart; the reason? TUXEDOS!! There is just something about a man in a tux and I’ve always wondered what it was. Now I’m off to buy my own so I can find out… lol.

These are some of my favorite tux’s that I’ve seen so far.

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Details: Louis Vuitton Paris FW

We appreciate a good fashion show. But when you see a spectacular one you definitely are in awe. Marc Jacobs definitely dazzled with the latest collection for Louis Vuitton but this post will focus on the details that made up the show. We hope you love like we do..

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Givenchy: Spring 2012

Ricardo Tisci’s collection for Givenchy is simply gorgeous . His inspirations for the collection were mermaids and surfers. It’s amazing how he made such beautiful clothes out of simple fabrics. He used pastel colors such as cream and sweet pink. The pieces look like work clothes on steroids but, are still very practical and wearable at the same time. Even the models were beautiful, they were fresh faced and effortlessly chic on the runway. We must add that the absence of prints in the collection was a breath of fresh air. You can identify Tisci’s influence on the collection by looking at the skirts and blazers. This collection is a job well done and Tisci should bask in his success.

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