Thousands Walk To Raise Suicide Awareness

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention’s Annual Out of the Darkness overnight walk drew nearly 2,000 participants on June 9th in San Francisco. The event included survivors of suicide loss, those with depression and other mental illnesses, as well as suicide prevention advocates. The 2012 Overnight has raised $2.3 million.  I’m posting this because I haven’t really seen any other focuses on the even and … Continue reading Thousands Walk To Raise Suicide Awareness

The Honey Project: Inspire. Equip. Empower.

I recently came across The Honey Project and how significant it is in our community. Helping Our Nations Empowering Youth Project (Honey Project) is an award-winning educational and international economic development initiative that produces young social entrepreneurs working to alleviate global poverty.  The main objective of the project Continue reading “The Honey Project: Inspire. Equip. Empower.”

EmbraceOneDollar Campaign

Embrace You has joined Charity: Water ( to provide a woman and her family (let’s call her Mariam) in a remote village in Africa with clean water. Charity:Water is a project founded by Scott Harrison to provide water to developing communities around the world. 

Our involvement with this particular project was borne out of the need of wanting to make our footprints on a global issue that truly means something to us. Clean water is a basic necessity that every human being should have access to. There were four main ways of getting involved, which included, volunteering, getting your school involved, signing up for email updates, and what we ultimately chose. FUNDRAISING.

We have started the “EmbraceOneDollar” campaign:  in which we ask for your generous and kind donations of *drum roll* only $1 to meet our $1,000 fundraising goal which ends on July 17,2011. You will be contributing directly to Charity:Water and NOT Embrace You. Rest assured your $1 donation will not be misappropriated! We have 76 days left to accomplish our goal. Help us achieve it! Continue reading “EmbraceOneDollar Campaign”