Is It Really “Total Recall” Without Arnold?

I’ve been a fan of Colin Farrell since I spotted the hottie in ‘Minority Report‘ alongside Tom Cruise. His looks were my main attraction, with his acting skills coming second. Still, I support whatever film he stars in because of that attraction and therefore I will be supporting his upcoming summer release ‘Total Recall.’

Though a remake of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 1990 Sci-Fi hit, Colin looks to be revamping the action packed thrill ride by bringing in his own sexy badass swag. Len Wiseman is the director behind this anticipated revival so of course I wasn’t surprised he included his wife, the skillful Kate Beckinsale.  Continue reading “Is It Really “Total Recall” Without Arnold?”

The First Tease For ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2’ Unveiled

The final part in the Twilight Saga was split into two so as to prolong the love fans have for these fantasy characters. The first trailer for the second part to Breaking Dawn has been unleased and I went through all sorts of emotions beside being impressed. It didn’t offer much, which is highly expected being that the movie comes out all the way down … Continue reading The First Tease For ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2’ Unveiled

The Hunger Games: Hit or Miss?

Stop with the comparisons already, ‘Hunger Games‘ is far from ‘Twilight‘ and even better. If you thought this was going to be another cheesy love struck teen flick about mythical species glistening in the sunlight then I suggest you read the book and watch the film to understand just what exactly is going on. ‘The Hunger Games‘ is a dystopian novel/film depicting the formation of various groups. Apparently, a youngest is chosen to represent his/her region and is sent to participate in the ‘Hunger Games’, a strategic and very much horrific survival of the fitness challenge where people will die.  Continue reading “The Hunger Games: Hit or Miss?”

Predictable “Deeds” & Slow “Valor,” Both Still Enjoyable

Opening weekend doesn’t always draw me out to the movies, unless I have absolutely nothing better to do, or there’s a particular film that piqued my interest. After seeing the trailers for “Good Deeds” and “Act of Valor,” I thought why not? It’s a good thing to see Tyler Perry step outside from the usual comedic nature he’s often presented, and I was also happy to see Roselyn Sanchez back on the big screen after a while.  Continue reading “Predictable “Deeds” & Slow “Valor,” Both Still Enjoyable”

The “Safe House” Isn’t Quite Safe

Its more of a thrill ride. Directed by Daniel Espinosa and stars Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds, ‘Safe House‘ delivers an emotional rush and plenty of action to keep our adrenaline going. From start to finish you’re pulled into a series of conspiracy, crazy bullets flying around, people taking each other down in traditional one on one combat style, there’s explosions, car chases, and eye candy. I really enjoyed ‘Safe House’ and I like how Denzel Washington has the ability to take on any kind of role, whether its the good guy or the bad guy, and in this film he’s sorta the bad guy but at the same time you start of question his motives and whether or not he’s really ‘bad’. Ryan did a good job in my opinion. A lot of people are saying he’s wasn’t so convincing and looks rather flustered compared to acting great Denzel, but I think he was worth watching and he’s plenty to look at.  Continue reading “The “Safe House” Isn’t Quite Safe”

‘Red Tails’: good tribute, but a little reserved

The George Lucas film, which was in production for a longtime, started out lagging but picked up as it continued rolling. ‘Red Tails‘ tells the story about the Tuskegee Airmen, a segregated group of African American fighter jets who proved that they were just as equal to serve in the military, and especially keep up during world war II. What was most appealing to me about the film, aside from the hot men, were the combat sequences and how the director managed to capture every angle in such a dramatic way. The story seemed more about the plans than about the men flying them. It was more action than drama. Well, at least that’s what I took away from it. Continue reading “‘Red Tails’: good tribute, but a little reserved”

Opening Weekend

Contraband PosterJoyful Noise PosterThe Iron Lady Poster

Don’t we all love  opening weekends? Well, only if the movies showing are interesting. 2011 was definitely a pathetic year for movies and Hollywood seemed to have suffered a decline. However, 2012 is looking brighter so far. Mark Wahlberg is back on the big screen in his latest action packed thriller “Contraband.” The film depicts a protective brother willing to take huge risks in securing the life of his sister and her husband. There’s certainly some adrenaline to look forward to when it comes to Wahlberg. I’ve been a huge fan since “The Big Hit” and I am not turning back anytime soon. He never disappoints me.  Continue reading “Opening Weekend”

The ‘Mission’ is ‘Impossible,’ And We Love the Thrill

By Kai

Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol is the best action packed released since the final Transformers movie this summer. Tom Cruise has basically revived a slow year of ‘boring’ releases per say. The latest in his agent series multiplies the stunts and the acting. It has a great story-line and cool new additions, including one very stunning beauty I might add. Paula Patton depicts pure charisma and exoticness while getting tough with the men. This little lady sure can keep up.  Continue reading “The ‘Mission’ is ‘Impossible,’ And We Love the Thrill”

“Snow White” with a twist

Charlize Theron becomes an evil queen, while Kristen Stewart continues her addiction to fantasy roles in the new movie “Snow White & The Huntsman.” The best thing about this film, besides the otherworldly magic, is the fact that hottie Chris Hemsworth has a starring role, Theron’s looking all witchy, and Snow White isn’t necessarily a helpless damsel, she’s actually fighting as well. The film hits theatres … Continue reading “Snow White” with a twist

Faces in the crowd

Aside from the fact that the movie poster looks like a revised version of the ‘Final Destination‘ poster in a more attractive way, ‘Faces In The Crowd‘ once again proves that action stars can deliver in dramatic roles as well. I’ve been a fan of Milla Jovovich since I’ve watched her and that other hot guy get steamy while being the only two people on an island in ‘Return To The Blue Lagoon.‘ I was only a child then but I was undeniably captivated by Milla’s performance in that film. Anyways, back to the present. ‘Faces In The Crowd‘ tells the story about a woman (Milla) suffering from “face blindness” after surviving a violent attack. Her condition causes her severe distress as not only does faces change every time she sees them, this is also an opportunity for her attacker to strike again for even though she’s seen his face, she couldn’t possibly identify him. Well, doesn’t that suck! Continue reading “Faces in the crowd”

‘Footloose’, a disastrous remake


Oh why, oh why does Hollywood like insulting classics by doing these cheesy, ridiculous remakes? Aside from the bad acting and untalented actors casted in ‘Footloose‘…actually, scratch that, there’s absolutely no positive aspect of this remake. It just sucked big time. Going to the movies to see this is not only a waste of money but also a waste of your eyesight and gas. Can I even begin to fill you in on all the elements that contributed to the poor, pathetic results that are compressed into 1 hour and 53 minutes? Let me try. Continue reading “‘Footloose’, a disastrous remake”

The “Real” deal

Real Steel” impressed me with its cinematic trailer and definitely peeked my interest to see the movie when it came out over the weekend. In conclusion, I enjoyed it. I like the fact that the film is set in the near future but never really drowned us with that. There wasn’t any futuristic technology or corny advanced vehicles displayed in an attempt to blow us away, instead we’re given the excitement of robot boxing, Hugh Jackman looking his usual hot self, and Evangeline Lilly as a grease loving, emotional driven, hard ass female lead. The best thing about “Real Steel” is how intense, entertaining, and informative the move is. Would I see it again? Most Definitely! And I recommend that you go see it if you haven’t. Continue reading “The “Real” deal”

“Breaking Dawn” part one


A new theatrical trailer for the upcoming installment in the Twilight saga, “Breaking Dawn.” As usual, there are heated and dramatic scenes broadcasted in the trailer, until the film comes out and you realize its even cheesier than the last. “Breaking Dawn” is a two part conclusion to the fantasy teen love story between a human and vampire, and werewolf. To be honesty, I wish it would just end in one part. I mean, why carry on this unrealistic and unhealthy portrayal of what Stephenie Meyer calls romance? The answer to that is money of course. The franchise is a rather wealthy one, raking thousands, millions of dollars from its devoted fans who might I add is obviously addicted to the story and its fictional characters. Anyways, let me have a martini and relax while you watch the trailer to “Breaking Dawn: part one.” The film will be in theaters on November 18. Continue reading ““Breaking Dawn” part one”

Let’s go for a “Drive”


Ryan Gosling stars in this action thriller as a Hollywood stunt man and part-time wheelman who discovers there’s a contract put out for his life after a heist went wrong. “Drive” is expected to pump up your adrenaline, delivering car chases, bloody fight scenes, emotional settings, and some twisted humor. There’s certainly lots of hype building up and I hope the movie doesn’t let us down. To be honest, after seeing Ryan in “The Notebook” thoughts of him ever being in action movies never crossed my mind. He just seemed too much like to romance/drama type of actor so I’m thrilled that’s he stepping out of the box and broadening his horizons. “Drive” also stars Christina Hendricks, Ron Pearlman, and Carey Mulligan, and opens in theater September 16. The film is considered dirty and dusty, after all, “there are no clean getaways.” Check out the trailer below: Continue reading “Let’s go for a “Drive””


Within Temptation has unveiled the third of three short films released this year, giving fans further understanding of the concept behind the band’s third studio album and comic book “The Unforgiving.” The latest short film titled “Triplets” is just as dark and eerie as the previous two and still quite interesting. Check out the clip and tell us what you think of Within Temptation’s new … Continue reading “Triplets”

Trey Songz is ready to try acting

Grammy Nominated R&B singer and sex symbol Trey Songz will be making an acting attempt in the upcoming “Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D“. Songz will be playing the male lead as the boyfriend of actress Alexandra Daddario.  To be honest, I’ve never really gotten into this franchise and the fact that Trey will be making his big screen debut in this particular movie is rather mind-boggling for … Continue reading Trey Songz is ready to try acting

“Final Destination 5” had bad acting and beyond!

If anyone has been following this franchise then you know exactly what it’s about: cheating death and dying later on anyways. Still its not really the fact of cheating death, its more about the horrific way in which these people die. Seems “Final Destination” gets even more gruesome with every release. We’re now up to five and to be honest, they should’ve just ended the … Continue reading “Final Destination 5” had bad acting and beyond!

“The Help” is out!

Change begins with a whisper,” as the tagline states for the film “The Help” in theaters now. The dramatic motion picture includes a line-up of super talented ladies: Viola Davis, Emma Stone, Cicely Tyson, and Octavia Spencer. I’ve always been a fan of movies set in the old days and are able to hold great significance in the hearts of viewers, and this film has done a tremendous job in captivating its audiences.  Continue reading ““The Help” is out!”

Zoe Saldana kicks butt!

Have you seen the trailer to the gorgeous Zoe Saldana‘s newest film “Colombiana?” Well, if you haven’t then you are obviously not in the know. Ms. Saldana turns into a deadly assassin after witnessing vicious men murder her parents as a child in Bogota, Colombia. What I like about this movie is that the audience gets to see Zoe transition from romantic comedies and drama into a more serious, action packed, roller-coaster ride like roll. It’s an unfamiliar territory to her fans and I’m definitely anticipating this film. Let’s just say “Colombiana” is created by the producers of “Taken“. And if you’ve seen that movie then you know what to expect, non-stop action. The film hits theatres on August 26. Check out the trailer below: Continue reading “Zoe Saldana kicks butt!”

“Underworld 4?”

263494-'Underworld 4' Changes Title From 'New Dawn' to 'Awakening'

Len Wiseman, director of the first two Underworld films, had quite a few details to give regarding the franchise’s fourth installment. Apparently, his wife and leading lady Kate Beckinsale will reprise her role as the vampire heroin Selene. ‘Underworld: Awakening‘, as its being called, will have humans trying to destroy both vampires and lycans. I must say I’m quite curious as to how they will structure this film as in ‘Underworld: Evolution‘ both Selene and her lycan boyfriend lost their respective abilities after killing the first vampire, so how they’ll suddenly regain their otherworldly powers? Let’s wait and see. As for Wiseman, well he won’t be directing this one because according to his interview at Comic Con, he has too much on his plate already with the ‘Total Recall‘ remake: Continue reading ““Underworld 4?””