KARD Returns with Summer Anthem ‘RING THE ALARM’ + Mini Album

KARD has returned after a two year hiatus (J.Seph had military service) and they brought the heat. Their fifth mini album “RE” and lead single, “Ring The Alarm,” encompasses the spice and signature sound they’re known for, but it sounds fresh and innovative. Every song could be a single, with catchy hooks and versatility. So do check out their impressive new release, and make sure … Continue reading KARD Returns with Summer Anthem ‘RING THE ALARM’ + Mini Album

Olivia Penalva Releases Lyric Video for “EX’s”

Continuing to prove why she’s one of Canada’s most rapidly rising pop stars, Olivia Penalva has released the official lyric video for her expressive new single “Ex’s.” The official track follows Penalva’s recent Western Canadian Music Award (WCMA) nominations for Pop Artist of the Year and Breakout Artist of the Year. “This song is all about kissing someone that doesn’t belong to you, so I wanted the video to include the … Continue reading Olivia Penalva Releases Lyric Video for “EX’s”

DREAMCATCHER Releases “Summer Holiday” Special EP

The queens of concept (my opinion) have returned with their special EP “Summer Holiday.” The title track, BEcause, is just as you imagined a summer track from the group would convey: creepy, chilling, and thought-provoking. The song is beautifully produced from instruments to vocals. Catchy hook, and especially haunting bridge with SuA’s ending. The music video? My god! All I can say is DREAMCATCHER has … Continue reading DREAMCATCHER Releases “Summer Holiday” Special EP

Jon Batiste Releases LIVE AT ELECTRIC LADY

Verve Records, Spotify and Electric Lady Studios are pleased to announce the release of musician Jon Batiste’s EP Live at Electric Lady, the first release in the new series announced last week by Spotify and the famous New York studio. Listen now: https://spotify.link/batistelael  Batiste put together a stellar roster of musicians including jazz legends Ron Carter, Gary Bartz and Kenny Garett to put an unexpected spin on tracks from his … Continue reading Jon Batiste Releases LIVE AT ELECTRIC LADY

U2 Prepares to Rock the Planet with a 2015 World Tour

U2 has remained a virtuosic force in the entertainment industry through four decades, and their thirteenth album, “Songs of Innocence,” has only served to enforce their powerful presence in the music world. This iconic record contains some of the band’s best songs in years. With explosive bass riffs and bluesy wailing, the album featured a return to their punk roots. It also made history with … Continue reading U2 Prepares to Rock the Planet with a 2015 World Tour

Artist Feature: Sonna Rele

Compound Entertainment –  Sonna Rele is a London based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist signed to Motown Records by 3x Grammy winner, NE-YO. After discovering Sonna while perusing her captivating and heavily followed ‘Music Monday’ video clips on Facebook, he immediately brought her to the renowned music label. “There is a quality about Sonna’s voice that lingers in your ears after she performs a song. Her musicianship … Continue reading Artist Feature: Sonna Rele

Remember Dr. Maya Angelou

Angelou was one of the most influential author, poet, and civil rights activist of our time. She’s inspired many, including myself, and will definitely not be forgotten. I would like to take this moment to remember THE Phenomenal Woman, and to thank her for the lessons she’s left behind.  RIP Dr. Maya Angelou. Still I Rise Maya Angelou, 1928 – 2014 You may write me down in history … Continue reading Remember Dr. Maya Angelou

Spotlight: Sarah Miles

Rock Ridge Music – Sarah Miles grew up in Princeton, New Jersey and has the distinction of being the youngest child ever to be admitted to NJ’s prestigious Westminster Conservatory Children’s Choir. As a member of various a cappella groups, she toured Sweden, Newfoundland, and Toronto, and performed at The White House and on the Today Show. After studying at University of Vermont, she moved … Continue reading Spotlight: Sarah Miles

The alluring Yasmin Warsame

B1193Somali-Canadian model Yasmin Warsame has the look. It’s that piercing look that demands attention and places her in the high ranks alongside Naomi Campbell, Tyra Banks, and Heidi Klum. What can I say? It takes more than an attitude and a striking pose to become a top model, and Warsame embodies the skill and humility that goes far beyond the requirements of the fashion industry. It’s unacceptable for me to not of been aware of this raging beauty all these years, but I’ll make it up by doing a special feature on her career and life off the runway.

Continue reading “The alluring Yasmin Warsame”

Rurutia: The Blissful Rain

There’s hardly any information circulating about Japanese singer/songwriter Rurutia, hell that’s not even her real name, but you can’t deny that her authentic and beyond amazing music is quite a mouthful. Just listen to her thrilling and breathy vocals complimented by thought provoking words and you’ll find yourselves encapsulated in a warm atmosphere soothing for the heart and soul. Continue reading “Rurutia: The Blissful Rain”

Dawn Richard has a ‘Golden Heart’

I don’t think I’ve come across an artist these days as determined and hard-working as Dawn Richard. This lady has my utmost respect for her never-ending hustle. I’ve been following Dawn since her days on MTB while trying to earn a spot in Diddy’s then girl group. And I’ve watched the entertainer realize her dream by rising above all odds. Indeed, Dawn embodies that of her album title, a golden heart.  Continue reading “Dawn Richard has a ‘Golden Heart’”

Ladies on Fire: Michelle Ochs and Carly Cushnie

Does the name Cushnie et Ochs ring any bells? It should. The collaborative label was launched in 2009 by two fierce ladies, Michelle Ochs and Carly Cushnie, destined to conquer the world of fashion. Maryland born and raised Ochs met British born Cushnie at Parsons The New School of Design and the two immediately clicked. Ochs already had a collection of Polo shirts, but by the time she and Carly started working together their individually unique styles intertwined and morphed into a chic and sophisticated fashion label demanded by celebrities. Stars like Ciara, Kelly Rowland, Zoe Saldana, Kristen Stewart, Reese Witherspoon, and Olivia Wilde are all devoted fans to the line. Sure their designs costs a week’s or month’s paycheck but one should always appreciate sensible fashion whenever you come across such.

It’s rather interesting how two women of two very different backgrounds can join forces and create something so spectacular. Many have asked how they make it work and whenever the question arises both would break it down in a cool way. On their designs, Cushnie says “the collection is a lot about skin-revealing it and concealing it. I’m attracted to strong lines and shapes that help sculpt the body.” And in regards to their individual style, Ochs clarifies “she can pull off anything feminine or what requires breasts. Sometimes I feel boyish.” 

Michelle and Carly hope to venture further in fashion by launching shoes, handbags, and accessories. But until then I’m sure they’re waiting for their clothing line to soak in for a few more years before taking on anything else. Until then, enjoy the simple yet edgy designs they have to offer. Check out my favorite designs from the label’s Resort 2013 collection below: Continue reading “Ladies on Fire: Michelle Ochs and Carly Cushnie”

11 Years…Still Remembering Aaliyah

I remember the first time I heard the soft, sultry voice coming through the radio. It was Aaliyah singing “Back n Forth,” and immediately I started bumping my head and jamming to the beat. I became an instant fan, and up till her untimely passing, Aaliyah continued making me listen, think, and move to her music.  Where were you on August 25, 2001 when news … Continue reading 11 Years…Still Remembering Aaliyah

Diego Boneta, Remember That Name

This is a talented star on the rise, whether it be music or movies, Diego Boneta is always the one to watch. The Mexican American is most notable for his role in the soap opera Rebelde, as Javier in the revamped series 90210, and as Alex in one of my favorites, Pretty Little Liars. Diego released his self-titled debut album “Responde” in 2005, and has … Continue reading Diego Boneta, Remember That Name

Remembering Selena…

Selena Quintanilla-Perez is indeed “siempre en nuestros corazones“, which simply translates to “always in our hearts”. Selena is the best selling Latin artist of the Decade for her 14 top ten singles, including 7 number one hits. The moment songs like “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom” starts playing, a dance vibe gets you on your feet. And of course we all still get captivated and fall deeply in love with the romantic “Dreaming of You“. The Queen of Tejano Music still resides in our lives for generations to come; though she left us prematurely on March 31, 1995, Selena still remains spiritually in her music and our hearts. While we continue to celebrate her legacy, I want to take this time to remember a true legend. Continue reading “Remembering Selena…”

Amandla Stenberg’s ‘Hunger’ to succeed

You might remember this rising force as the young Zoe Saldana in ‘Colombiana,’ portraying an intelligent avenger from such a young age. Her performance was quite memorable, more so than Zoe’s. Before that, Amandla was modeling and starring in commercials before branching out into film, and music. What can I say? she’s the definition of artistic.  Continue reading “Amandla Stenberg’s ‘Hunger’ to succeed”

The Emotional Voice of Tess Henley

Seattle’s finest Tess Henley prefers to think of herself ‘as a songwriter who strives to write musically rich songs.’ Jazzy, smooth, emotional, soulful, are just a few of the words that went through my head the first time I saw one of Henley’s performance on YouTube. She’s more than just a wonderful singer; she’s the kind of artist that reaches the soul of her listeners. Songs like “Complicated,” “Boy in the Window” and “What You Won’t Do For Love” are three of my favorites that invoke a soothing atmosphere. Tess is truly one in a million.  Continue reading “The Emotional Voice of Tess Henley”

Theo James is Making Big Moves

If you haven’t paid much attention to Theo James in the supernatural television series “Bedlam,” then you’ll certainly remember his name after 2012. The English actor stars in the newest installment of the Underworld saga and the John Ridley action-drama “Red Tails.” Both opening in theaters on the same weekend (January 20).  Continue reading “Theo James is Making Big Moves”

Timothy Bloom Is Finding the ‘Possibilities’

The first time the name Timothy Bloom popped up in front of my eyes was among the credits on Chris Brown’s “F.A.M.E.” album. This talented artist wrote one of the most beautiful songs on the aforementioned called “All Back,” and after hearing his own soulful melodies I have no surprise that he’s capable of writing such heartwarming songs. The El Paso native has been making waves with his powerful sound and incomparable voice. Listening to him sing is like bathing in honey, so smooth. My initial reaction Continue reading “Timothy Bloom Is Finding the ‘Possibilities’”

Erica Hubbard: The Versatile Actress

By Kai

Erica Hubbard landed a place in the hearts of many playing Cassie on the popular ABC Family drama “Lincoln Heights.” However, beyond the alluring beauty of this undeniably smart woman lies not only a promising actress and model, but a philanthropist and budding author. Over the years we have seen Erica transitioned in the industry; taking on a variety of roles that far exceeds the performance of the previous. I would say she has indeed evolved further since her debut as a voice actress. These days, we can catch up with Erica on BET’s new television series “Let’s Stay Together.”And while Hubbard is currently known as one to watch out for, receiving praises as the young Kimberly Elise, she makes it a top priority to not only carve a place for her self in the industry, but to remain versatile and memorable while doing so. It’s rather rare if not shocking to hear someone say they’re unfamiliar with Erica’s work, but that only means finding another to make a fan out of. So, how do you begin describing this impeccable actress? By going back to where it all began for her. Continue reading “Erica Hubbard: The Versatile Actress”