For Thought: Rap icon dies

Isn’t it ironic how only a couple of hours after he tweeted his feelings on the death of boxing legend Joe Frazier that 44 year old rapper Heavy D himself would pass on? It’s ironic in deed, and now the entertainment industry has lost one of its biggest rap icons. According to Yahoo news, at around 11:25am a 911 call was made outside the rapper’s residence in Beverly Hills, where he was reported to have been lying Continue reading “For Thought: Rap icon dies”

Julissa Bermudez: Gorgeous is an understatement

Dominican model, actress and television personality Julissa Bermudez has established herself as one of the most highly demanded talent in media. It must be her irresistible beauty, or energetic and bubbly personality that charms anyone who’s graced by her presence. Julissa is most notable for her work on BET’s 106 & Park, and Jersey Shore: After Hours. She has also appeared in several television series and films including “Make it Happen” and “Harlem Hostel.” There’s definitely nothing stopping this talented lady from taking it to the next level, and I’m certain she’s always planning the next big step. Continue reading “Julissa Bermudez: Gorgeous is an understatement”

Meet Lemar

If you’re out of the loop, then allow me to introduce you to a talented artist influenced by old school r&b soul. Lemar, an English singer, songwriter, producer, and actor, has gained moderate success in Europe and Australia. He has had 7 top ten singles and sold over 2 million records, not to mention he’s won two Brit Awards and three Mobo Awards. What can I say? The man is out to conquer the world, starting with one heart at a time. But before we get down to the sensual and tasteful melodies coming from his lips, let’s discover who Lemar is behind the music. Continue reading “Meet Lemar”

I’ve found a Malaysian gem, Zee Avi

Thanks to the power of Amazon I’ve discovered the talented singer, songwriter, guitarist, and ukulele player Zee Avi.  This exotic beauty has a clear message every one of her songs, and there’s absolutely no one capable of breaking free of that electricity that pulls on your heart once she starts singing. It’s the subtleness in her voice and the raw emotion that seemingly made a fan out of me. I can’t quite describe what it is but I like the kind of music Zee brings to the scene; it’s indie, bluesy, acoustic, Hawaiian waves, and warm summer breeze mixing together to form her unique sound. Continue reading “I’ve found a Malaysian gem, Zee Avi”

Annie Ilonzeh is an “Angel”

You might remember Annie Ilonzeh from the ABC soap opera General Hospital as the character Maya Ward, a role the actress stayed in from 2010 to 2011. These days, you can catch her kicking butt and looking glamorous while doing so on the newly revived action packed series “Charlie’s Angels.” Annie will be taking on the role of Kate Prince, a former Miami cop who takes no crap from anyone. Annie will star alongside Minka Kelly and Rachael Taylor, stars in their own right but my eyes will be glued on Ilonzeh simply because she has an amazing, well toned figure and I will be investigating to learn her secret in achieving such a healthy bod. Anyways, Continue reading “Annie Ilonzeh is an “Angel””

Introducing Meklit Hadero

Who is Meklit Hadero? She’s a stunning beauty, a lover of the arts, a songwriter, and a soulful singer. This talented lady is widely influenced by jazz, hip hop, soul, r&b, folk music, to the traditional sounds from her East African home of Ethiopia. Her unique musical style has no limits. Meklit continues to evolve as an artist taking inspiration from any and everything. Continue reading “Introducing Meklit Hadero”

Natasha: “Fashionista on the rise”

snowblackblog - Tom Andrew photo

Model, blogger, photographer, and traveler, you name it, Natasha Ndlovu is that and more. This uncommonly beautiful young lady caught my attention recently while I was browsing the net and I couldn’t help but notice her awesome style. Aside from being a fashionista, Natasha is quite the versatile and diverse one. This London-based all-rounder studied Visual Arts in Canada, attended school in Paris for a year, then finally settling in London. She demonstrates classy, chic, trendy, and edgy outfits like no other. Ndlovu carries so much swag that is far beyond suffocating. I expect to see big things happening in the near future, which includes a blossoming fashion career and more public awareness as long as she keeps doing what she’s currently doing, utilizing the power of blogging about fashion. Check out a few samples of her coolness below. There’s intensity and attitude in her style and poses: Continue reading “Natasha: “Fashionista on the rise””

Remembering Aaliyah

What is it about Aaliyah that made millions fall inlove with her? Is it her exuberating warmth whenever she came in contact with someone, or was it the fact that she loved selflessly, giving back to the community in however way she could. Whatever it is, there’s obviously something very special about this woman that enables many to remember her even 10 years after her death. Aaliyah has been in our hearts since her debut. Her sultry, smooth voice had us hooked. And her tomboy swag and chic outfits appealed to fans around the globe. Liyah’s music remains to inspire and keep us dancing in reminiscent of who she was as a person and artist, but at times gets us all emotional knowing she’s no longer with us encouraging and doing what she loves best. It was a life cut short but we rest assure in the fact that Aaliyah was here and she did achieve more than what a young woman her age was expected to. At this moment, I’d like to pay tribute to the r&b superstar who simply went only by one name; a friendly, funny, and kind woman we all liked to call Babygirl, but to the world of music, you might know her as Aaliyah. Continue reading “Remembering Aaliyah”

The irresistible Kim Ha Neul

There’s no denying that South Korea has tremendously talented people. From singers to actors, they all seem to have some wow factor enabling them to captivate an audience. And Kim Ha Neul is no exception. The actress and model first charmed her way into my life with her performance in the comedic film “My Tutor Friend”; I was further impressed with her obnoxious acting in the television drama “On Air”, which was a complete 180 degree from her good girl roles.  To be honest, I’m somewhat late in discovering this talented woman but certainly there are no regrets because I’ve been a fan since.

Continue reading “The irresistible Kim Ha Neul”

Olivia Lufkin is Jrock’s treasure

Olivia Lufkin, or OLIVIA, is a Japanese rock singer-songwriter. She is best known for her musical work on the popular anime series “NANA”, as well as for her artistic creations. Olivia first made her debut as one third of the pop group D&D. And in 1998, she dropped out of the group to become a solo artist. Olivia’s music is quite far fetched from that of her previous group, which recorded mostly europop/dance songs.  She went on to release six singles throughout 1999 and 2000, until later releasing her debut album “Synchronicity”. Continue reading “Olivia Lufkin is Jrock’s treasure”

Abel Tesfaye gives you “The Weeknd” you’ll never forget

Abel Tesfaye, better known by his stage name The Weeknd, is a Canadian r&b singer. His song “High For This” can be heard in the promo for the final season of the HBO series “Entourage“. The Weeknd released the mixtape “House of Balloons” in March 2011, and will be releasing two follow-ups later this year. His songs, if words were to be used to describe them, are dramatic, passionate, raw, and unique. Not to mention he’s a wonderful vocalist. I’ve never heard an artist like this before so that makes him very incomparable. The Weeknd’s identity Continue reading “Abel Tesfaye gives you “The Weeknd” you’ll never forget”

Introducing Frank Ocean…

Christopher Francis Ocean aka Frank Ocean is a singer/rapper, songwriter, and producer from New Orleans. Frank is most notable for his laid back single “Novacane“, and for penning tracks for many huge artists like Beyonce, Justin Bieber, and John Legend. After relocating to Los Angeles amidst hurricane Katrina in 2005, Ocean began pursuing a music career. He joined the hip hop collective OFWGKTA in 2009, and later signed a record deal with Def Jam through his connection with popular music producer Tricky Stewart. Since then, Frank has been working to establish himself as an artist in the industry.  Continue reading “Introducing Frank Ocean…”

The Phenomenal Genevieve Nnaji

Genevieve Nnaji is in my opinion the “Kimberly Elise of Africa”. She’s most notable for her roles in “Last Party“, and “Ljele“. She’s a talented actress that has the ability to captivate her audience with a powerful and dramatic performance in any role she takes on, and her work ethic is one to be admired. Hailing from West Africa, Genevieve has risen from a child star to becoming one of the best paid and most successful actresses in Nollywood.

Nnaji grew up in Lagos, Nigeria and is the fourth of eight children. She made her first television appearance in the soap opera “Ripples” at the young age of 8. Continue reading “The Phenomenal Genevieve Nnaji”

The emerging musical depth of GARNET CROW



In 1999, four individuals possessing their own unique talent collaborated on a demo tape for singer Mai Kuraki. They soon came to the realization that they work well together and decided to form a band of their own. It was then that Yuri Nakamura, Hitoshi Okamoto, Nana Azuki, and Hirohito started GARNET CROW. I recently came across their music via YouTube and instantly fell in love with their sound. Yuri has pure, raw emotion in her singing that sincerely touches my heart; I’ve never appreciated a pop/rock/neo band like this before, so allow me to put GARNET CROW on spotlight at this moment. Continue reading “The emerging musical depth of GARNET CROW”

Romeo has grown up!

It’s been ten years since Lil’ Romeo came on the scene and wowed fans worldwide with his single “My Baby“. Percy Romeo Miller, Jr was born in New Orleans, Louisiana and is the eldest of six children. The child star has established a name for himself not only in the music industry but also in television and film. Who could forget his performance in the movie “Honey“, a role which showcased the maturity and depth he embodied as a young actor. It was this role that led to a series of television appearances until landing him his own sitcom “Romeo!” from 2003 until 2006. However, Percy was never one to be phased by popularity. He continued his focus on getting an education and working hard to achieve his second dream, which was to become a professional basketball player. Continue reading “Romeo has grown up!”

Derek Luke: The exceptional actor


New Jersey native Derek Luke certainly took us by surprise when he made his big screen debut in 2002’s “Antwone Fisher”, starring opposite the film’s director and producer Denzel Washington. Luke’s performance impressed movie critics and was considered Oscar worthy. Not bad for a former dreamer who worked several day jobs before achieving this unforgettable breakthrough.

Derek displayed a keen interest in film since the age of four. In 1995 he moved to California in hopes of making his dream come true, working as an usher for television tapings at Universal Pictures and later as a sales clerk at a gift store on Sony Pictures Studios lot. Continue reading “Derek Luke: The exceptional actor”

Dionne Bromfield ain’t “Foolin” you


The little British girl with big pipes, Dionne Bromfield, is stirring up a lot of interest with her soulful and very powerful singing at the tender age of 15. However, many argue that she’s only displaying the talents expected of an Amy Winehouse protégé and goddaughter to the artist. Dionne is heavily influenced by Motown but still incorporates a modern sound into her music. Her debut album “Introducing Dionne Bromfield”, released through Winehouse’s Lioness records in 2009, features covers of classic hits like “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” reflecting Dionne’s love for the 60’s. Though the album gave listeners a taste of what Bromfield was capable of doing vocally, she was ready to start working on her own music and establishing an international career. Continue reading “Dionne Bromfield ain’t “Foolin” you”

Karen Mukupa: The dreamer chasing reality

Karen Mukupa spent most of her youth living back and forth between two continents until finally settling in Denmark. Music has always been her dream, and this she conveyed to her family at a young age. By the 90’s, Karen became one half of the Danish reggae/hip hop duo “No Name Requested”, alongside the late Natasja Saad, who died in 2007 in a traffic accident. Though the duo never released a full album, their singles achieved critical success in the Danish music scene. Mukupa broke away from “No Name Requested” with the release of her first solo album in 2000, followed by the release of her second album in 2002. Continue reading “Karen Mukupa: The dreamer chasing reality”

Who is Priscilla Renea?


Priscilla Renea is the artist who “disliked the music she heard on the radio and decided to write her own.” She’s most notable these days for being the co-writer on Rihanna‘s hit “California King Bed” and “Who Says” by Selena Gomez. Priscilla developed a large following on YouTube after uploading videos showcasing her powerful vocal ability and guitar skills, from the relaxing stage of her bedroom. Her raw talent grabbed the attention of Capitol Records executives. She signed a record deal with the label in 2009 and headed straight to the studio to begin recording her debut album. Continue reading “Who is Priscilla Renea?”