Gadgets That Make Healthy Living Easier

It is easier to live a healthy lifestyle today more than in any other time of human history. With a number of wearable gadgets and apps available, one can easily be able to lose weight or even monitor their lives in such a way that they remain fit and strong. Some of these gadgets are so small and therefore easy to store, thus saving you … Continue reading Gadgets That Make Healthy Living Easier

Why You Should Avoid Processed Foods

Processed foods have mushroomed throughout the supermarkets, the sole reason being that they are less expensive. Today’s economy being how it is, many are saving money buying inexpensive foods not realising how low quality foods are harming their bodies. Chemically processed food is full of unhealthy artificial additives that build up in your body, impair its function and can even cause illness. This is why … Continue reading Why You Should Avoid Processed Foods

Pregnancy After 40: Risks and Considerations

While it’s possible to get pregnant in your 40s, there are age-related considerations when you delay childbearing past your most fertile years. For many women, however, waiting until they are established in their careers and financially stable is the best choice when considering reproduction. Read on to learn more about the realities of becoming pregnant in your 40s, from fertility considerations to pregnancy risks and … Continue reading Pregnancy After 40: Risks and Considerations

7 Recreational Sports For Good Health And Fitness

All sports get you off the couch and work your body. However there are some that are particularly great for fitness, giving you your daily dose of cardio, getting your heart rate up, strengthening your heart muscles and body and keeping illnesses at bay. But you don’t have to be a national champion or a member of a professional team to be able to reap … Continue reading 7 Recreational Sports For Good Health And Fitness

Who is going to bailout doctors in need?

Doctors save our lives. These professionals are not in the business of making money-they practice out of passion. I have never met a doctor who practices medicine with the sole objective of making money-that is not why they take the Hippocratic oath.

Continue reading “Who is going to bailout doctors in need?”

Dear EY: “Is there such a thing as the right diet?”

One avid EY reader has sent in an article based on her past experiences with dieting. Like many, she has dealt with and continues to address issues surrounding her weight and how not having the ‘perfect’ body has affected her life. Read the entire article below to learn how she’s overcome the disappointment of having several failed attempts, as well as how she’s starting a new: Continue reading “Dear EY: “Is there such a thing as the right diet?””

Kahi “school’s” us on getting the perfect bod

After School‘s fierce leader has one of the best bodies in Kpop. Kahi certainly knows how to stay fresh; her gorgeous, sculptured frame takes hard work to maintain, and lord knows everyone, including moi, is dying to know her secret. Well, wait no further. SURE, a women fitness magazine in South Korea, recently featured the multi-talented diva in a stunning pictorial, in which she revealed her workout tips and her respect for Madonna and Beyonce. According to Kahi, doing pilates, yoga, horseback riding, biking, jogging, and other leisure activities does the trick. Staying still for too long is quite frustrating for her, so she has to constantly be moving around, doing something. Check out some of the tasteful pics from the shoot below: Continue reading “Kahi “school’s” us on getting the perfect bod”