Different Ways to Fight Stress in 2015

According to recent studies, more than 90% of those who visit doctors have stress related complications and symptoms. Most of the symptoms of backache and headaches are not ailment related but stress related. There are so many ways you can relieve stress but let us explore unique and different way to help you fight stress. Improve your working environment Most people spend more than forty-day … Continue reading Different Ways to Fight Stress in 2015

Fight Stress And Come Out Victorious

We live in a world that is moving very quickly. We live rushed lives filled with deadlines, obligations and stress. Our lives became so stressful that it is affecting our bodies, our health. Stress affects your organism, prevents it from releasing toxins, makes your hair fall out, makes you put on weight and much more. I had many issues when it comes to dealing with stress on … Continue reading Fight Stress And Come Out Victorious

54 Rebirth

HULLLOOOOO!!!! Our sister site, 54interviews has undergone a makeover. She got her nails did, her hair done, a nose job, a boobie one too. She fooooooine!  Check her out, subscribe,  join her facebook page, twitter stalk her…She needs your love! She is very lonely. Ain’t nobody showing her looooove. 😦  She’s all about the positive vibrations of the motherland.  Continue reading 54 Rebirth

Spiritually religious

Spirituality and religion are two terms often used interchangeably to mean the same. However, there are remarkable differences between these two.  To distinguish the two, a simple search on google will bring you a comprehensive list of sites offering their take on the right definition.

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Coins make a sound when dropped, but paper bills won’t

Once in a while, in this journey called blogging I come across gems worth talking about and creating discussions. Twitterville is not exactly a place that I would go looking for inspiration, wisdom, pick me uppers or deep thoughts. Instead I would go looking for  crazies whose twitterantis resemble those featured on the bus chronicles.

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Quit “musterbating!”

I remember one of my favorite professors in college gave an informative and hilarious lecture on stress and how people deal with it. He said that often times we can be our own stressors, putting pressure on ourselves to be perfect and mistakeless. Something that really had me tuned in was his discussion on our emotional reaction to stress and that’s when the truth came unraveling before my eyes. My ears popped open to the outpour of some new found knowledge, and if ever I learned anything in that class, it was the fact that we can all “musterbate” and “should on ourselves” sometimes. By the way, Continue reading “Quit “musterbating!””

Let loose, live and just be

We live in a world full of societal expectations, which sometimes hinder us from living life, letting lose and just being. Every detail of our lives is scrutinized one way or the other. Media outlets, individuals, religious leaders, just about everybody minus newborns has an opinion about how we should be. 

In the midst of trying to keep up with the Kardashians, I mean societal guidelines handed down to us, we forget about ourselves.  Pleasing our friends, co-workers, family and enemies alike becomes a daily part of our life’s routine.

Though not intentional, seemingly by default through a learned process of being part of society, we don’t expend the joys of living life on earth to their maximum potential. Instead of  getting a french manicure that is polished and oh so classy, go for a bright nail polish that will blind peoples eyes. Continue reading “Let loose, live and just be”

Top 10 Songs for Mothers

Today is such a lovely day. It is the day when we as children give our mothers an extra special treat for being who they are. Mothers should always be appreciated but on this day we take the time out to recognize that truth. I’ve taken the time to put together a playlist of songs dedicated to these caregivers. Check out my “Top 10 Songs for Mothers” below and tell me which is your favorite. Continue reading “Top 10 Songs for Mothers”


I am imperfectly perfect

With the round pimple perched atop my brow

Like a bird on its nest

Make-up free, with bugs underneath my eyes

Shaped like a half moon on a star-less night

With a strawberry glossed lips to complete

My look

I hold my head high and put my “I am too cool for ya’ll” shades on

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There’s always a light at the end of the tunnel

My love for men in uniform was further reinforced earlier this week. There were some renovations being done at the library and as such, I expected to see toned, hardworking men with construction uniforms going on about their business.  What I saw almost killed my men in uniform are fwiiiine spirit.

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What are you thankful for?

Thanksgiving is a few days away, and I was wondering: do we only stop to think about reasons why we should be thankful when thanksgiving comes around, or do we acknowledge the fact we should be thankful year round? Well I for one have always felt thankful for life, family, friends, and love. I’m thankful that I am given the opportunity to do and see … Continue reading What are you thankful for?

Live For Today

There are things that often times get you down. You spend your days worrying that you forget to just stop and live a little. Well, here are a few tips on how to remain positive:

1. You can’t change the entire world at once. You can instead do your best to make a difference, it always starts with one.

2. Nothing is meant to last so be happy that it happened.

3. Live for the moment, the moment is now.

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Alafia Shows Love To ‘EMBRACE YOU’

We previously did an interview with this enthusiastic and charismatic young lady, and she took the time to say thank you and helped to promote us on her channel. So we just wanna send back our love to Alafia, and wish her all the best. Thanks again girl! Visit her official youtube channels: youtube.com/dearlifechannel youtube.com/intro2the1 Continue reading Alafia Shows Love To ‘EMBRACE YOU’

15 Minutes of Heavenly Uniform

A man in a well tailored suit, makes for good eye candy.  If he is not too easy on the eyes, let’s just admit the suit makes up for the unintended loophole.  On the other hand, men in  uniform would need an introduction, body and conclusion in order to describe what they do to me. Words fail me whenever I see a well framed cop, bus driver or construction worker. Continue reading “15 Minutes of Heavenly Uniform”

Music Is Universal

It’s amazing how music can break down walls and cross borders with the message it conveys, arousing different emotions inside each of us. Its this mere fact that allows musicians to develop a fan base and perform in different countries.

I’ve often asked myself, why is music so powerful? why am I able to be moved even by words I don’t understand? It all comes down to the fact that music is truly universal. Continue reading “Music Is Universal”

Happiness Is An Intangible Asset With A High Rate of Return

Happiness is an intangible asset, with a high rate of return. Money cannot buy you happiness. Do not be fooled, even the billionaires of these world can attest to this. If anything, to quote the late Notorious B.I.G. ‘Mo money, mo problems’. You can’t touch it, but you can feel it. It is that tingling sensation in your belly that makes you want to shout, … Continue reading Happiness Is An Intangible Asset With A High Rate of Return