4 Reasons Women Become Porn Stars

  Alternative Career There are many women who become porn stars by accident. Such individuals travel to Los Angeles and other large cities in search for acting opportunities in the entertainment business. However, they consider porn movies after being passed on for other normal roles. Some women are able to separate themselves from porn quickly after doing one or two movies and return to more … Continue reading 4 Reasons Women Become Porn Stars

My Girlfriend Doesn’t Like Kissing

As hilarious as the title is, this is actually quite a serious issue in some relationships. I recently read on my newest obsession the Jamaica Star website about a guy having trouble coping in a relationship with the girl he likes not wanting to kiss him. After composing myself from the kind of laughter that gives you a tummy ache, I had a sudden flashback … Continue reading My Girlfriend Doesn’t Like Kissing

He puts his mom first, his woman last.

They say that a man who loves and respects his mother and family, in general, is a good man, but should he always put them first over the woman he’s dating or even married to? I think not. And to be honest, I’ve never been flattered by that fact. If his life revolves around his mother then what part does his woman play? How will … Continue reading He puts his mom first, his woman last.

Men And Cheating

In a previous post we discussed Women and Cheating, now let’s address the men. So, why do men cheat? Well the answer to this question varies. Cheating can be as a result of neglect or stress in the relationship; whereas his needs aren’t being satisfied. In many cases, men cheat to escape or find relief from an unhappy relationship, but often times it is just for … Continue reading Men And Cheating

Women and Cheating

Cheating in a relationship proves to be a deal breaker,the beginning to the end of something otherwise good.  The initial trust vested becomes null and void, becomes a thing of the past, in more serious cases ceases to exist.  Nowadays, cheating is not only confined to the physical act of  ‘getting it on’, emotional involvement minus the physical has become part and parcel too. From … Continue reading Women and Cheating

5 Reasons Why Singles Choose Online Dating Over Traditional

Online dating has become more of a trend nowadays and, in fact, it has become the new normal where people can find and hook up with potential dates quite fast and easily. Traditional way of dating, although some people still practice it, is immersed with a lot of barriers that limit a person from finding his or her potential life partner with much convenience. For … Continue reading 5 Reasons Why Singles Choose Online Dating Over Traditional

The Glamour of Online Dating

Online dating has no doubt been a source of great debate with many people viewing it as an alien, ineffective way to stirr long lasting relationships. Just a few years back, a couple that acknowledged to have dated online prior to meeting physically were looked down upon and even vilified in some quarters. But thanks to rise of mobile dating apps and social networks, online … Continue reading The Glamour of Online Dating

Important Tips For Getting The Best Wedding Photographs-Regardless Of The Setting

Today’s weddings are more sophisticated and unique than they were just a few years ago and as a result, memorializing them is even more important and complicated than it was then. Fortunately, knowing the right techniques, ideas and camera choices can make it easier than it seems to get the ideal shot of the perfect day for the lucky couple, each and every time. Become … Continue reading Important Tips For Getting The Best Wedding Photographs-Regardless Of The Setting

Does the Pill Affect Women’s Satisfaction in Their Relationships

Over the last several decades, great advancements have been made on behalf of women and their contraceptive choices. For women using contraceptives that have a direct impact on their hormonal system, there are a few side effects that new research is now beginning to address. One side effect that hormonal contraception may have on a woman is her relationship between her mate and spouse. Level … Continue reading Does the Pill Affect Women’s Satisfaction in Their Relationships

How to Make a Lasting First Impression on a Date

  Although we would like to imagine that people see us the way we really are, the truth is that they see us based on the impression we made when we met them for the first time. So, the impression you make on a first date will have a lasting impact on your relationship. In fact, it will still influence your date’s opinion of you … Continue reading How to Make a Lasting First Impression on a Date

What You Should Know About Balanced Mixed-Status Relationships

What does the term mixed-status relationship mean? A sexual relationship in which partners have dissimilar HIV statuses is known as mixed-status relationship. One of the partners is HIV-negative while the other one is HIV-positive. It may involve couples that are in a long-term and stable relationship or just one encounter between them. Such relationships are also described using various other terms like: • Discordant • … Continue reading What You Should Know About Balanced Mixed-Status Relationships

Sex in the air? I do care, especially at 3 in the morning

Oh boy do I have some stories to share of my days living in an apartment complex. Believe me I’ve heard it all; from late night phone calls to late night booty calls. Indeed, I have heard it all. The ceiling and I never managed to develop the greatest friendship instead it irritated the hell out of me when I tried to get work done, … Continue reading Sex in the air? I do care, especially at 3 in the morning

It’s The Plumber. I’m Here To Fix Your Pipe!

Ladies and gentlemen, spilling your dirty laundry in public can be very detrimental to your reputation. I received a first hand view of that just recently. By the way, who says taking public transportation isn’t interesting? This is what went down: I was waiting impatiently at the bus stop, being that my bus was unsurprisingly ten minutes late, and ended up being an unwilling witness … Continue reading It’s The Plumber. I’m Here To Fix Your Pipe!

Once A Cheat, Always A Cheat: Is That Really True?

Now and then my friends and I debate on the topic concerning men and cheating. I’ve often questioned the saying ‘once a cheat, always a cheat’ because I truly believe that people change and forgiveness should be given. So, that conversation has always ended up unresolved due to the fact that my friends believe the man will always be a cheater and should never be … Continue reading Once A Cheat, Always A Cheat: Is That Really True?

Guys Hurt Too!

Ladies, let’s keep it real. Sometimes we tend to forget that guys have feelings too, and they hurt just as much as we do in relationships. Most of the time its the women feeling heartbroken, crying to friends and family, thinking the man doesn’t care, sometimes they really don’t, but often times they do. And we need to remember that men usually express themselves emotionally different than we do.  Continue reading “Guys Hurt Too!”

The Different Faces of Friends

I usually don’t take the time to classify friends but recently I’ve been reminiscing about my high school days and some of the friends I had that turned out not to be true friends in the end. My memories led me into deep thinking and I came to the conclusion that all my friends, the ones who are still there and the ones that have let me down, have three different faces: Continue reading “The Different Faces of Friends”

Valentine’s Day is a marketing strategy?

It’s the day when couples do their utmost best to show their love and affection (through money) for each other. February hadn’t even started yet when chocolate, flowers, greeting cards and jewelry commercials began displaying Valentine’s Day specials on television, online, or in stores. Seems many companies use this romantic day as a business venture to rake in those bucks. And who can blame them. I feel like couples can’t simply say “happy Valentine’s Day” and give each other a kiss without spending their money, or going all out to get that perfect gift. I mean let’s be realistic people, the economy isn’t so great as it is, therefore we need to carefully manage our funds. Continue reading “Valentine’s Day is a marketing strategy?”

Do your friends really like you?

Have you ever taken a step back to truly reflect on your actions or how you fair in the eyes of your friends? I know I have. Often times we as human beings are quick to point the finger and tell others how wrong this is or what they ought to do better, but how do we react when it’s vice versa? Are we to listen to their opinion and acknowledge shady things about our own personalities or do we push it aside and say there’s nothing wrong about our characters? Continue reading “Do your friends really like you?”

I Hate My Friends…Sometimes

We’re all human, so of course there will be days when all we need is time by ourselves. Sometimes your friends will think you’re trippin’ and probably not understand how much you just want to be left alone. They’ll say stuff like ‘you shouldn’t be alone right now,’ or ‘talk to me that’s what friends are for.’ Therefore, you somewhat get  annoyed with them during those times and probably even dislike them for a few minutes (hours) before snapping back to reality. It’s crazy, but I know its true.  Continue reading “I Hate My Friends…Sometimes”

“I Have Permission to Cheat…”

As otherworldly as that headline sounds, I kid you not. Such things are apparently taking place in relationships. I believe they casually call it ‘open relationship.’ Whatever the term is for that, the lifestyle definitely has me rethinking if it still holds the values of a relationship when it’s that open. Regardless of what the person giving the permission says, feelings are bound to get hurt and the end results will certainly not be pretty. Continue reading ““I Have Permission to Cheat…””