I lied. It’s not me, it’s definitely you.

By Kai

Some of us have experienced the “it’s not you, it’s me” syndrome at some point in our lives and at that very moment we think to ourselves “bullshit,” because we’ve become so familiar with the statement that we know it’s a lie. Well, I’m a firm believer in ‘honesty is the policy,’ regardless. So whenever I have an issue with a guy’s behavior, I’ll definitely call him out on it. And if I’ve decided to take a break then I’ll just be truthful, ‘you’re the problem, I need a break from you.’ See the thing is too many lies are being told in relationships and that’s why progress is not even smelt in the air. I mean, you know things are going sour but Continue reading “I lied. It’s not me, it’s definitely you.”

Sometimes “the one that got away” really wasn’t the right one

It was just too perfect. I know many have felt that way in the past about a relationship and usually that’s the main reason why it falls apart. Sometimes perfect becomes comfortable, and safe; perfect inevitably leads to boredom. There’s nothing spontaneous happening and you begin to lose interest. He/she seemed like the right one at the time but after letting them go you come to terms with the fact that maybe they really weren’t. Now that you’ve had time to carefully think about the past and where the relationship went wrong, you can start developing logical reasons as to why it really wasn’t Continue reading “Sometimes “the one that got away” really wasn’t the right one”

For Thought: Woman assaulted by naked ex-boyfriend?

As serious as this may be, I couldn’t help but laugh when I first read the news on the Jamaica Star website, my new found addiction. Apparently, a Jamaican woman told the courts on Monday that she had awoken after having her underwear ripped off and her ex-boyfriend, naked, was on top of her. She said that her ex was being cleverly evasive when law enforcement tried to Continue reading “For Thought: Woman assaulted by naked ex-boyfriend?”

For Thought: Man flees Jamaica after catching his wife cheating

There’s always some interesting story floating around the web and I’m the kind who’ll spend countless hours digging them out. Recently, I came across a news article by the Jamaica Star about a Chinese man who basically abandoned his business and left the island, after finding his wife in bed with a young employee. The St. Andrew community is on fire with this little drama, many Continue reading “For Thought: Man flees Jamaica after catching his wife cheating”

Single, broke, and depressed

Things don’t always work out the way you planned so it’s recommended that you always have a back-up. But what if life prevents you from even having a plan B? What if you took the one last chance you have left to be happy, knowing you had no other options to fall back on? Well, that’s exactly what my girl did; let’s just say that now she’s single, broke and depressed. This is the horrific conclusion when considering her current state of mind. If you’re looking from the outside in you might not get the clear picture of what’s really going on with her, but by simply observing without saying a word, you just might pick up Continue reading “Single, broke, and depressed”

How to break up with someone

You see no light at the end of a tumultous relationship tunnel. You’ve exhausted all manner of possible excuses to not break up. You are now at the point of fuck it, this is it, it is the end of the road. So how do you break up with him or her, with a little overthetop.com drama? Find out how….

Continue reading “How to break up with someone”

“This isn’t working out, even the dog knows it”

There comes a time in some relationships where all the magical bliss has disappeared. You no longer feel the butterflies in your tummy, nor have heart murmurs when the other walks by. The love and affection has completely vanished and all that’s left is arguments upon arguments. You try your best to recover the strong connection you once had but it’s no used because you can’t get seem to recover the feelings. Unpleasant comments such as “I hate you” or “you disgust me” come flying out of your mouths every second of the day; you shout at each other so horridly that even the dog ran away. Where am I getting at with this you might ask? Well, if you are going through all that I’ve previously stated then maybe it’s time to call it quits. Continue reading ““This isn’t working out, even the dog knows it””

Don’t Lose Sleep Over A Breakup. Why?

Breakups tend to be very emotional. Some loose sleep, others can’t eat,  the majority can’t get over it. Daily life becomes a pain in the heart.  Meanwhile as your languishing and going through your emotional mambo jumbo, your ex is over in Jamaica having the time of their life. He is not in any way shape or form loosing sleep. If he is, it’s because he is been busy. Yeah, that kind of busy.

The minute you realize that they are surrounded by beauty all around, women, sand, beaches, crystal clear water, reggae music for days and an endless supply of jerk chicken and rice, is the very moment you sink deeper into depression. So instead of languishing in heart pain, here are some EY approved tips: Continue reading “Don’t Lose Sleep Over A Breakup. Why?”

“I dumped my gf via text message, is that ok?”

I don’t care how advance and convenient technology is, it’s never ok to break up with someone through a text message or e-mail. Things like that should be dealt with face-to-face. And only a coward would choose otherwise. Using lame excuses like “it was just too hard to do this in person because I can’t bare to look into your sad eyes. So it’s better if I sent you a text” is very premature. Think of the other person’s feelings. If you’ve invested a lot in a relationship and it’s going down the drain, then it’s best to end it in a verbal communication, as in “meet me at a certain place so we can sit down and talk.”  Continue reading ““I dumped my gf via text message, is that ok?””

Tormenting Your Ex!

I’ve noticed that many people sometimes torment their ex lovers after a bad break-up. Some women spread rumours about their ex-boyfriends because he cheated on her continually, or maybe he dumped her for another hot number. Some men stalk their ex-girlfriends or give their new boyfriends fake warnings about the girl. Either way, tormenting your ex is a malicious thing to do, and there is absolutely nothing to gain in doing so.

How on earth is telling people he has all sorts of diseases, and smashing his ride going to help you. Saying she’s psychotic or that she’ll want to marry after a few weeks of dating will not make you happy. All you’re doing is defaming their reputation and making yourself seem like a disgruntle (moronic) ex love. In the end you’re only making you look bad. It affects you both.

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