4 Reasons Women Become Porn Stars

  Alternative Career There are many women who become porn stars by accident. Such individuals travel to Los Angeles and other large cities in search for acting opportunities in the entertainment business. However, they consider porn movies after being passed on for other normal roles. Some women are able to separate themselves from porn quickly after doing one or two movies and return to more … Continue reading 4 Reasons Women Become Porn Stars

It’s The Plumber. I’m Here To Fix Your Pipe!

Ladies and gentlemen, spilling your dirty laundry in public can be very detrimental to your reputation. I received a first hand view of that just recently. By the way, who says taking public transportation isn’t interesting? This is what went down: I was waiting impatiently at the bus stop, being that my bus was unsurprisingly ten minutes late, and ended up being an unwilling witness … Continue reading It’s The Plumber. I’m Here To Fix Your Pipe!

“I Have Permission to Cheat…”

As otherworldly as that headline sounds, I kid you not. Such things are apparently taking place in relationships. I believe they casually call it ‘open relationship.’ Whatever the term is for that, the lifestyle definitely has me rethinking if it still holds the values of a relationship when it’s that open. Regardless of what the person giving the permission says, feelings are bound to get hurt and the end results will certainly not be pretty. Continue reading ““I Have Permission to Cheat…””

The side chick wants more commitment?

A few days ago I stopped by a Dunkin Donuts on my way home to get a cup of my favorite Vanilla Chai tea. While waiting anxiously for this sweet beverage to be served to me, I couldn’t help notice the very interesting conversation going on between two friends at a table further right from where I was standing. Not that I was ease dropping, Continue reading “The side chick wants more commitment?”

“My boyfriend says he’s hotter than I am.”

First of all, any guy that tells his girlfriend that he’s way hotter than she is below poop. There’s not even a decent word that can describe what a douche he is. And any girl who stays with such a loser could only be miserable. If she’s feeling that way without him even saying something so atrocious it doesn’t mean she’s not attractive, it’s just that she’s insecure. There’s nothing more sexy and attractive than a woman who exhumes confidence and loves the skin she’s in. But if that idiot spends way more time in the mirror fixing himself than you do, and makes it a mission in life to constantly remind you how not on top of your game you are, then he’s got to go. I mean, why is he with you to begin with and what exactly was it that attracted him to you if he’s later going to trample on your heart? Unless, and this is not an excuse for his disgusting behavior, Continue reading ““My boyfriend says he’s hotter than I am.””

“Help! My girlfriend beats me.”

There are many cases of women being physically abused around the globe; whether it’s by the hands of their husbands or boyfriends, it’s still a horrible thing happening to one too many. Often times these women find the courage to come forward and seek help, but sometimes they don’t. People can say anything when they’re not the one going through the ordeal, but it’s definitely not something they can easily get out of. Sometimes there are children involved, or other circumstances which makes it hard to just leave. It’s certainly not easy but there are surely shelters, agencies, and other organizations established to provide aid to battered and abused women when they do seek help, but after reading a recent article online, I began thinking what if it was the other way around. What if it’s the man being abused by the woman Continue reading ““Help! My girlfriend beats me.””

“I like him but he likes my mother” Pt. 1

I recently heard this story from a friend about another friend who liked a guy but he was completely infatuated with her mother who’s been divorced for 3 years. I thought I’d share the story with our readers in the confessions section, with her permission of course, and a few name changes. So here goes the first part:

Monique was out relaxing on a Sunday evening along with her mother Rose Continue reading ““I like him but he likes my mother” Pt. 1″

I Caught My BFF’s Boyfriend Cheating!

woman watching couple

So you’ve caught your best friend’s boyfriend cheating, which could mean you saw him and the girl holding hands or being intimate, or they were just simply talking. Whichever the case, what is the right thing to do? confront the boyfriend and the chick, call your friend up and tell her what you saw, or mind your own business?

In my opinion, I would first confront the guy, then tell my best friend. Ladies remember that is your bff, and you should always have her back and keep her best interests at heart. If you mind your business and deny what you saw, your bff will be subdued to a period of heartache, not to mention she’ll be upset if she finds out that you knew something and said nothing.

Continue reading “I Caught My BFF’s Boyfriend Cheating!”