A good man is easy to find: Lower your unreasonable expectations.

I have so many friends who search their brains constantly to find an answer as to why someone as fly as they are have yet to find a really nice guy. I came to the conclusion that maybe they just need to lower their over-the-top expectations of what exactly a really nice guy should embody. Women at times make these long lists of “requirements” that men should have in order to approach them. Is it love or money you want? Continue reading “A good man is easy to find: Lower your unreasonable expectations.”

Would you date your friend’s ex?

There’s always a line you shouldn’t cross when it comes to your friend’s love interest, you know, the “do not flirt with my boyfriend/girl”. So does the line still exist even after they’ve broken up? In my opinion, it does. Why would you enter a relationship with someone who dated your friend? not only will it be awkward for him/her when they go around your friends, but it also causes conflict between you and the friend whose former love you’re now with.

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Two Loves are Better than One?

For some, a committed, exclusive relationship is exactly what they’re looking for. The feelings of having one person to come home too, to care for, to love, brings comfort in providing exactly what they need. However, for others getting to know multiple people in more ways than one, is better than any love they could ever find. No one to answer to, no rules to follow, just relaxation in knowing that every decision is theirs to make.

Like everything though, there is the pros and cons. Continue reading “Two Loves are Better than One?”

Is Your Boyfriend in a Bromance?

There’s only one thing worse than having to fight off girls aiming to steal your man,  and that’s having to fight off their best friends with that same goal. Girls understand that when a boyfriend enters the picture it is inevitable that the friendship is going to change, but boys, and I use boys for a reason, seem to cling to their friends for dear life Continue reading “Is Your Boyfriend in a Bromance?”

The Clinger and You.

When you first enter a relationship, it’s easy to fall into the spell-bounding, heart-racing passion that over-takes your body every moment you’re with the object of your affection. Often the intensity of the relationship can be life-consuming, in a short few weeks leaving you with barely an acquaintance who’s been in your bed for the last week and a lot of confusion as to how you both got there.

When engaging in a relationship for the first time with anyone, it’s always best to approach with caution. Continue reading “The Clinger and You.”

Giving The GF All Access: Good/Bad Idea?

I’ve been looking at this topic from both a male/female perspective. Of course I leaned more towards the female perspective, being that I am a female. However, I’m not so sure about the girlfriend having all access to her boyfriend’s stuff (in particular, his passwords, his phone, his bank account, etc.) I mean, I wouldn’t want my boyfriend having that much access to those things.

I know you guys are probably thinking by now, what about trust? However, people can sometimes abuse this access for their own advantage. For example, logging into your boyfriend’s e-mail account to check his inbox, or searching his phone to see who he’s calling. Or even using his card at the ATM to take money from his account without his permission (not only is that wrong, it’s a felony).

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Don’t Rely On Internet Dating

Internet dating should be considered as ‘Plan B’, something you turn to when you’re not meeting enough people in real life. It has proven to be successful, but people should not rely too much on internet dating to meet potential people.

Relying too much on this form of dating, is like having an obsession with the social network facebook; by spending too much time on the internet, your social  life in reality basically deteriorates. For example, you meet a nice guy/girl online, and you talk quite frequently about any and everything. After some time, you decide to meet up, but what happens sometime is that, after meeting up, people haven nothing to discuss in person. It’s like they’re much better (more comfortable and safe) behind a computer.

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The Friend Zone

The ‘Friend Zone‘ is just a sugarcoated term for saying “I’m not interested in having a relationship with you, nor am I attracted to you in any way”. It is often a term used for men who become like “doormats” for their female crush. No one wants to be caught in that category. However, often times people find themselves there due to the fact that they have a crush on someone and is trying to get closer to them, but they just can’t seem to get through.

Most people think that building a friendship first with the person their attracted to will lead to something beyond the friendship, so they start out being caring and nice. Fact, being a supportive friend can often get you nowhere, especially if you’re just a shoulder to cry on. What’s worse about this situation is that most of them time these crushes know about your feelings but doesn’t acknowledge them.

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I Am Not A Puppy!

Ladies, don’t you just hate it when men come up to you and are like “hey cutie! how you doing?” First of all, when I hear the word cute, it reminds me of a little puppy, and I ain’t no puppy. Why is it so hard for them to say “hello beautiful”, or a simple hello will do without adding the word “cute” to it.

Women work hard in maintaining their appearances; looking sexy and confident for ourselves, and to attract you guys. But instead of using more charming words, they use the unflattering one as if they’re making reference to a teddy bear or baby.

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‘Tis The Season To Be…Lonely?

When the Christmas season comes around, many are feeling super jolly; spending time with their loved ones, having family gatherings, etc. Unlike those happy go lucky people, there are some (like muah) who feel lonely around this time of the year, especially when you have no one to cuddle with to keep warm in the cold winter.

You’re probably thinking, how can you be lonely when you’re with family, but sometimes people are looking for love, comfort, and joy, especially around that time; chances are you’ll feel jealous when you see other couples getting all lovey dovey and you have no one to do that with.

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How do you know when he/she’s the ‘one’?

How do you know when the person you’re dating is the ‘one’, meaning, the person you want to spend the rest of your life with? This question is often asked by people who have been dating for a while, and sometimes even by people who are already married. The truth is you can never be too sure; you meet someone, you fall inlove, and you feel like that person is your everything, but sometimes it doesn’t work out well.

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Can a girl ask a guy for a date?

Is it still expected for the guy to ask the girl out, or should girls start taking the initiative as well?

I know there are girls who will be direct and approach the guy they want, but it seems like the numbers are few. Many believe they should wait on the guy, which have proven to be both positive and negative: the guy might not notice that the girl likes him, and she could end up waiting for what seems like forever, or he could realize her interest and make the move.

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‘Light Switch’ Relationship

If you have no clue as to what I mean by ‘Light Switch’ relationship, then maybe you will understand the term on-again/off-again, which is the same thing.

How do I feel about getting back together with an ex? It depends. If you are really in love, and you can work out your issues, then by all means try again. But if you constantly keep getting together and breaking up, that makes no sense and obviously you just can’t solve the issues that are driving you apart. Continue reading “‘Light Switch’ Relationship”

Interracial Dating

Dating outside of our race is not exactly about wanting a new experience, but it is the same as how you would approach any other relationship, for the mere joy of finding someone you connect with emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. Surely there are more challenges to face when you date outside of your race; for one, you could end up spending more time defending your … Continue reading Interracial Dating