4 Reasons Women Become Porn Stars

  Alternative Career There are many women who become porn stars by accident. Such individuals travel to Los Angeles and other large cities in search for acting opportunities in the entertainment business. However, they consider porn movies after being passed on for other normal roles. Some women are able to separate themselves from porn quickly after doing one or two movies and return to more … Continue reading 4 Reasons Women Become Porn Stars

What You Should Know About Balanced Mixed-Status Relationships

What does the term mixed-status relationship mean? A sexual relationship in which partners have dissimilar HIV statuses is known as mixed-status relationship. One of the partners is HIV-negative while the other one is HIV-positive. It may involve couples that are in a long-term and stable relationship or just one encounter between them. Such relationships are also described using various other terms like: • Discordant • … Continue reading What You Should Know About Balanced Mixed-Status Relationships

Sex in the air? I do care, especially at 3 in the morning

Oh boy do I have some stories to share of my days living in an apartment complex. Believe me I’ve heard it all; from late night phone calls to late night booty calls. Indeed, I have heard it all. The ceiling and I never managed to develop the greatest friendship instead it irritated the hell out of me when I tried to get work done, … Continue reading Sex in the air? I do care, especially at 3 in the morning

Sex Talk: Let’s do the do boo!

Sex is a connector of sorts especially in relationships.  After all those late nights cuddling and many a day spent walking in the park, hormones start crisscrossing like busy pedestrians on Times Square.  The pace is much faster, and progressively so when the two of you are alone. 

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The 14 year old controversy

Like most, if not all, I was shocked by the atrocious video spreading across the internet of the fourteen-year-old girl giving a blowjob, and on school grounds at that. Surprisingly, last night I was watching the lifetime movie ‘She’s Too Young’ about 14-year-old kids being overly sexually active. It really brought me out of the naivety of still believing that kids today were in fact … Continue reading The 14 year old controversy

100 and counting


What do you think about someone who has slept with more than 100 people? Well, such bed hoppers might be referred to as “porn stars” because those are the ones having that many sexual encounters, only difference is they get paid for it. I don’t know how our readers feel about this topic or if they relate to it in any way, but I find having sex so many times with DIFFERENT partners preposterous. Why would you treat your temple in such a way? It’s either you’re a harlot, have some serious psychological issues, or like I’ve stated earlier, a porn star getting paid to be dangerously promiscuous. Continue reading “100 and counting”

Sex and seduction!

Yes! Lloyd is back.  Remember the boy who gave us the Get it Shawty number  he is back  with an ultra sexy banger! This time he wants us to Lay it Down. It was love at first hear for me.

My girl, Keri Hilson is in the video, looking hella fly. Although, imma need her to come back to her senses! Licking down door hinges is so not pretty. But enough of Ms. Keri, back to Lloyd and his song.

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Spice Increase!

Making a relationship last takes a lot of work, and sometimes a little added spice to keep the flame burning high. Doing the same things daily can lead to boredom, and often leaves couples wondering in different (new) directions. Of course it’s not all about sex, but that is an important part of the communication between the two, and sometimes needs a little improvement to keep it fresh and spontaneous.

Spicing up a relationship doesn’t necessarily mean trying new food, however there are some natural aphrodisiacs that can up the level in the relationship. For example,  serotonin and phenethylamine are two power stimulants inside chocolate. Both these stimulants are called the “happiness harmone”, because they are contributors to feelings of well-being (emotional/physical satisfaction).

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Bedroom Buddy

A ‘bedroom buddy’ is someone you meet up with for the sole purpose of having sex with them. There are no strings attached; no emotions, or any sentimental stuff, just pure pleasure. In other words, a ‘sex buddy’.

In my opinion, having a bedroom buddy is something most men tend to lean towards. Women on the other hand can make it complicated and bring emotions into such a situation, and it usually doesn’t end well. I wonder, does having a bedroom buddy mean protecting yourself from getting hurt, by locking your feelings away and disallowing yourself from falling in love?

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Is Sex The Most Important Thing In Relationships?

Is sex really important in relationships, as in to make the relationship last? The truth is, it is an important aspect, but if it becomes the most important thing then the relationship won’t go too far. There are other things to building a lasting relationship and sex cannot be the only foundation.

The most important thing to build a relationship on is love and communication. Love is not the same as sex and will never be the same; ‘Making love’ with someone is not the same as having ‘sex’. If it’s just about sex then it becomes a physical thing with no meaning.

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