Congrats to France on World Cup Win!

To be completely honest, I lost interest in World Cup after Brazil’s knockout. The only countries that remained were all European. None from this side of the world. In the end, I wasn’t rooting for anyone in particular but I still want to congratulate France on their win. This is their second time winning the World Cup. Good for them. Well-deserved.   Credit: google   Continue reading Congrats to France on World Cup Win!

Brazil Beats Mexico to Progress in World Cup 2018

Brazil has a lot to celebrate today, having defeated Mexico 2-0 in the quarterfinals for the 7th straight time. Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior, forward for Paris Saint-Germain and the most expensive player at the moment, proved why as he scored one goal and assisted another to lead his country to victory. Brazil moves on to the final eight and will face either Belgium or Japan next.  … Continue reading Brazil Beats Mexico to Progress in World Cup 2018

7 Recreational Sports For Good Health And Fitness

All sports get you off the couch and work your body. However there are some that are particularly great for fitness, giving you your daily dose of cardio, getting your heart rate up, strengthening your heart muscles and body and keeping illnesses at bay. But you don’t have to be a national champion or a member of a professional team to be able to reap … Continue reading 7 Recreational Sports For Good Health And Fitness

Jamaica Cleans Up, Kenya Breaks World Record

It’s a clean sweep for team Jamaica as Usain Bolt, Yohan Blake, and Warren Weir took the gold, silver and bronze medals respectively. Bolt, who dominated the 100m for the second time in a row was determined to claim the 200m as well. Though, the ever so playful and confident athlete didn’t break a record as he’d hoped, he has however placed himself in Olympics … Continue reading Jamaica Cleans Up, Kenya Breaks World Record

Lightning “Bolt” does it again!

Haters, let the race speak for itself. Usain Bolt has claimed victory once more in the men’s 100m. Yes, he’s had a not so flawless moment leading into the Olympics, but nevertheless, Bolt knows how to deliver when it gets down to business. To think many, and I have to admit myself included, had thoughts of “maybe his counterpart Yohan Blake could take the Gold … Continue reading Lightning “Bolt” does it again!

Dreams Do Come True!

Gabby Douglas has not only made it to her first olympics as apart of the U.S Gymnastics team, but she’s now the first African American in history to receive a gold medal in the individual all-around event. Wonderful accomplishments indeed, so why are people more concerned with her hair that the fact that she’s performed exceptionally well at the Olympics? with foolishness aside, EY would … Continue reading Dreams Do Come True!

NBA Lockout: Broke Ballers

Basketball is one of my favorite sports to watch on TV especially a Celtics vs. Lakers game. If you were to cut me with a knife during a basketball game I would  bleed green and white. Yap that’s right Boston Celtics all day everyday. Team Rondo, KG, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen. I am a certified stan. Thinking of getting their logo tattooed on my left butt cheek . What ya’ll think…yay or nay? Nyhoo…

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