Pumpkin Month Playlist

In celebration of my favorite season, autumn, aka, pumpkin season, aka. lots of pumpkin everything treats from Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks; herebelow is a great playlist I’ve put together. Β  Ps: I recommend you play the last song if you happen to work at a dead end job. It allows you to run things in a Bugarrrrrrriiii. Shiiiet. Oh by the way, the artistes are … Continue reading Pumpkin Month Playlist

from the tales of an unrested laptop.

I know I’m very reliable, convenient, provide you with undeniable entertainment when you’re bored and other wonderful benefits. But could you please give me a rest sometime? You’re seriously riding me day in day out. My monitor hardly gets closed, and my poor system hardly gets shutdown. I’m only looking out for your best interest when I say this. Its not entirely a rant, but … Continue reading from the tales of an unrested laptop.

Boats from Bangkok to South Africa.

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This is my first entry for Ed’s Sunday Stills Challenge. This week the theme is boats of any shape or size, so here are a few boat pics which I managed to source in a bit of a hurry, as Sunday is almost over. Bangkok on the Chao Phraya River. Long-tail boats in Phuket Yacht in San Pedro, Belize.… Continue reading Boats from Bangkok to South Africa.

Silence Please, I’m Eating!

Never really thought about this before but if a restaurant was going to name something in their menu after me, it’d be Silent but Deadly Delicious muah-haha πŸ™‚ Seriously, who doesn’t love a good mouth watering cuisine that makes you go completely quiet just basking in its juicy and incredible taste?Β  My example of a Silent but Deadly Delicious meal is Rice & Peas, with … Continue reading Silence Please, I’m Eating!

Living Out of a Suitcase

Do I need a home base? Yes, definitely. But do I want to travel from place to place? Yes, definitely. What I’m trying to say–in my oh so usual complicated way–is that I love traveling and want so badly to experience different cultures around the globe, but I also want that stability and comfort of a home that I can come back to. I’m capital … Continue reading Living Out of a Suitcase

Daily Prompt: An Interview with Emily Thorne

How nice! When I saw today’s daily prompt I just had to participate. And guess who I have joining me for an interview? Emily Thorne (you know, the delightful yet often vicious young woman seeking revenge on the unknowing Graysons and their counterparts).Β  Me: Hello Emily, what’s on the agenda today?Β  Emily: Oh, you’d have to wait for the big reveal at the end. I … Continue reading Daily Prompt: An Interview with Emily Thorne

hooray for hunter

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jacket and shorts: Hunter Dixon; cami: Aritzia; shoes: Manolo Blahnik; foldover clutch: Clare Vivier Anyone who knows me is probably aware that I have been a fan of Hunter Bell’s designs for years. Her label, Hunter Dixon, has been featured on this little site before (you may have noticed I own two versions of this delightful ballerina skirt- click here… Continue reading hooray for hunter

Daily Prompt: Art Appreciation…and then some!

Today’s daily post topic is about appreciating art enough to purchase it, or dismiss it due to the artist’s lifestyle and political beliefs. In my opinion, if the art looks sensible enough and I feel a strong connection to it then, I might purchase it in spite of the artist’s political views because honestly I have none. And that’s only if I can afford to … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Art Appreciation…and then some!

Daily Prompt: Stranger

Today’s daily prompt certainly didn’t get a lot of thinking out of me. Because immediately after reading the question that stranger popped right up in my head. He’s someone I’ll never forget, and no, it’s not on a level of attraction or anything like that. It’s just the way in which he reacted to my compliment: “Good job.” Β Yes, that’s all I said to him. … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Stranger

I Thought I was Your Best Friend :(

So, apparently the new way to get rid of an unwanted animal is by tying them on train tracks and leaving them to a horrific death. Well, according to new outlets that’s exactly what happened to a 10 month old poodle terrier mix (seen in the pic) recently. His former owner, who officials say suffers from dementia, got annoyed with the poor defenseless creature and … Continue reading I Thought I was Your Best Friend 😦


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I have to say writing this one with Alex was almost like a meditation.Β  I could have gone on writing this one forever! Sunny Clouds by HastyWords Written by Alexander Hicks and HastyWords Dreaming of meadows filled with dew Running among daisies and tulips too Endless springs blending into summer And birds singing both tenor and soprano My life is perfect… Continue reading LIFE IS PERFECT