Are you all for diversity and would love to express yourself freely? Then join EMBRACE YOU by becoming a author for the webzine. Send us an e-mail with ‘CONTRIBUTOR REQUEST in the ‘subject line‘, along with the section you would like to write for. You can also send us your ideas for a new section that you are interested in writing about. So go ahead and hit us up.

*Keep in mind these positions are volunteered only. 

Current openings:

  • Fashion & Beauty Writers
  • Entertainment Writers (Music & Movies)
  • Book Reviewers (Contemporary Adult, New Adult, Romance, Adult Fiction, Realistic Fiction, Women’s Fiction, Chic Lit)
  • Travel Writers
  • Relationship & Lifestyle Writers
  • Sports
  • Tech & Business
  • Editors

If interested in applying for any of the above positions, send an e-mail to Kai: Please include a writing sample. Keep in mind that these are not paying jobs and EY is currently a foundation for you to grow your writing skills. However, when we become more established you will be paid for your contribution. Thank you.

Guidelines for Contributors

1.) It is mandatory that you subscribe to EMBRACE YOU, otherwise your requests will not be honored.

2.) In your email, make sure to clearly indicate the category of interest and attach a sample of written work.

3.) Make sure that your content is edited.

4.) Content written must be within the scope of EMBRACE YOU’s mission statement and readers vantage point.

5.) Magazine owners reserve the right to take down material within reasonable grounds without prior notification.

6.) Have fun and welcome to the EY team! 



EMBRACE YOU is growing fast, and we want to make the webzine a global brand of high repute; therefore we need DEDICATED promo reps to assist us with our goal!

  • Asia
  • Africa
  • The Carribean
  • The Americas
  • Middle East
  • Australia
  • Europe

Interested reps should send us an email with PROMO REP‘ in the subject line. Include your name, country or continent of origin; additionally, give us a valid reason as to why YOU should be considered for the promo rep position.

As a promo rep you will be charged with the duty of generating an EMBRACE YOU buzz in your respective area, through word of mouth, retweeting our tweets, linking our content to your facebook page, assembling a promo street team, everything possible and LEGAL to get us NOTICED!

E-MAIL Kai: if interested in becoming a Promo Rep!

We’re always happy to EMBRACE YOU!!

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  1. if you guys are still interested i have my own page but right now my wi-fi has been going down hope to get it soon right now im in school i just put down the latest stuff qoutes and what style people should shoot for depending on personality (: – yoanny anyways does this page help promote stuff or is it i dont know my teacher actually talked about this page and told us about it since then i just started reading your stuff and i like it a lot actually hope i can get a message back at
    i check that email the most since its school related so i check it a lot every time i get a chance (: my future career goals are in the media my major goal is actually becoming a singer/songwriter well if read thank you for your time & appreciation !!!(:

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